“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.21): Lemon Heart

Jackson calls a board meeting to discuss the budget cuts, and has compiled a list of least to most successful projects. Before we can see who’s hard work is on the chopping block, Alex interrupts the meeting. He tells them all about his offer, and gives his notice. For a second there, I didn’t think that he was going to go through with it.


Owen is trying to track Cristina down again, leaving a voicemail, asking her not to disappear again. Richard stops him in the hall, with important news about the Harper Avery.

At home, Jo is attempting to scrub the blood out of her Nikes when Alex comes home. He’s feeling triumphant that he went through with quitting after all. Jo hugs him and requests a new pair of shoes now that he’s a fancy private practice surgeon.

When Meredith and Derek arrive at home, their living room is a disaster area, with Cheerios and stuffed animals strewn about. Turns out that Amy isn’t a domestic dynamo. Amy is an emotional mess and runs off crying. “Derek, you broke your sister,” Meredith nonchalantly states, “Go fix her.”

When Jackson arrives at home, April is still there picking up belongings. As she goes to leave, he apologizes and asks her to please come back home, knowing that they can get past this together. Well, they better get past it real soon because their “hypothetical child” is no longer hypothetical. April is pregnant.


Stephanie and Bailey watch Brayden from the other side of his bubble. Steph is frustrated with the stalled progress, and wonders where they go from there. When she leaves, Bailey pulls out what look to be syringes. Apparently she has no intention of sitting back and letting this life saving treatment, and her research, go to waste.


Owen has been looking all over the hospital for Cristina, and finally finds her standing fully clothed in the shower. He tells her that she made the right call with Frankie and Ivy, and did everything perfectly. She already knows that, but asks him “what is the point of any of it?” Owen blurts out that she had indeed won the Harper Avery, but was denied the award because of politics. “They used you,” he says, not even realizing that he has sealed his fate. Cristina is nothing more than a ghost now at Grey Sloan. Cristina walks out of the hospital, dazed and soaking wet, and runs off into the night.

Next week: Burke is back!

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