“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.21): Lemon Heart


For the most part, Richard has always been a level headed man. That’s why he made such a great chief. Leave the emotion out of it, focus on the facts. This however, does not apply when he feels one of his people have been wronged. He’s furious about Catherine’s confession. Catherine pursued and used Cristina for the benefit of the foundation. No one at Grey Sloan will ever win a Harper Avery because if this as well. Catherine tries to shut it down by complimenting Richard’s idealistic nature, but he’s not having it. When he learns that Cristina had the votes to win but lost because of politics, he drops a truth bomb of his own. He came to see Catherine with the intention of proposing. He takes out the ring, plops it on the desk and leaves.


Cristina gets word that the donor heart is on the way to the hospital, and while it was intended for Frankie, Cristina suggests that it should go to Ivy. Their parents are confused, but Cristina tells them that Ivy is more stable and has a better chance. At this point, giving that heart to Frankie wouldn’t help either of them. She suggests an artificial heart for Frankie and asks the parents what they would like to do. This couldn’t be a more horrific situation for these parents, and neither of them can bear the thought of choosing one of their children oven another. They tell Cristina to make the decision. Owen finds Cristina and asks why she didn’t call him to help. She misunderstands and thinks he’s talking about the night before. No, he’s talking about his role as chief and how he’s there so she doesn’t have to make these heartbreaking decisions by herself. She knows what needs to happen though. Ivy will get the heart.


Derek calls up Amy who sounds like a superstar babysitter, who has even planned to have dinner on the table when her and Meredith get home. Meredith is like, “I love dinner!” Maybe having Amy around would be a good thing. They even have a spare bedroom. (Just one? Mansion. You have a mansion.) MerDer gets so excited with all their relaxed responsibilities and delicious dinners, that they excuse themselves to the on-call room to have the sex.

Arizona and Alex are back and Arizona tells him that of course she’d going to miss his grumpy ass, and she wants him to stay. She also knows what an amazing opportunity this will be for him. Don’t screw it up, she advises.

When the new heart arrives for Ivy, Frankie’s heart ruptures and the young girl dies on the operating table. Ivy’s surgery is a success and she has a shot. Cristina has to deliver the terrible news to their parents. Frankie and Ivy’s mother sobs and directs her grief toward Cristina. “We trusted you!” the mother screams. “What did you do to our child?”


Shane finds a distraught Leah crying in the stairwell, just as Derek instructed her to do in the previous episode. (Continuity makes me so happy.) Shane, sits down and comforts her, telling her that Frankie’s death wasn’t her fault. Her stitches held. Some patients just don’t make it. I don’t know about you, but did you pick up on an energy exchange between these two?

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