“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.21): Lemon Heart

In a small room, Frankie and Brayden’s moms talk about their seriously ill children. Both women feel helpless, and Frankie’s mom starts to wonder aloud if the doctors really know best. Stephanie overhears them since she is waiting for Brayden’s mom sign off on his treatment. His mother hesitates.

In Frankie’s OR, Arizona and Alex find ways to compliment Cristina left and right in an attempt to make her feel better. You’d think they know her well enough to know that this would result in the exact opposite. Frankie’s new heart isn’t pumping, so they get UNOS on the line. There’s another heart in Portland. While this may sounds like good news, Cristina throws a scalpel to the floor and orders Shane to keep Frankie on bypass until it arrives.


Back at Catherine’s office, Richard can’t help himself from asking her about Cristina’s loss. He’s convinced she should have won and the only reason for not winning would have been a major error…which there wasn’t. Catherine’s face lets us all know that there is more to the story than she is letting on.

Meredith finds a very frustrated Cristina, and reassures her that she is in her friend’s corner, ready to battle any assholes that come their way. Cristina doesn’t have time to talk though because now Ivy’s stats are falling and her heart is officially failing.


Meredith and Derek finally have their surgery date, but all Meredith can do is talk about Cristina. Jackson makes the mistake of popping his head in to ask her questions about her portal vein project. Derek whispers to Meredith about the Avery plan to cut funding to some projects, and she threatens to slash ALL THE TIRES if her even thinks about cutting her research. Jackson scoots back out, a little frightened. Thanks for ruining the MerDer date, Jackson.

Also ruining things is Jackson’s better half April. She keeps rehashing her fight with Jackson in the OR to Callie, Owen and Jo. Callie is so over April that she finds an excuse to get the hell out of there, taking Jo with her.

Brayden’s parents are arguing because his mother, who is now hysterical, doesn’t want Bailey to go ahead with the procedure. Steph, wearing a Contagion-style suit, goes to take Brayden’s blood, but it stopped by his mother. She announces that they have changed their minds.

Arizona and Alex are charged with bringing the donor heart back from Portland. They sit together on a plane, which already makes me nervous. Arizona reminisces about how the first time they met was on a plane run like this. Alex interrupts to tell her that he’s thought about his decision very hard, and he already stayed once for her when she needed him to. He needs to think about himself for a change.


Leah and Ross are left to monitor Frankie until the new heart arrives. Her current heart springs a leak however, and she begins to bleed. They track Cristina down in Ivy’s room. She’s there measuring Ivy for her own heart transplant. Ivy’s father is in the room when Shane and Leah call in. When Shane fills Cristina in on Frankie’s condition, he refers to the Triad of Death. Nice Shane, nice. Cristina walks them through, and Shane hands off the procedure to Leah. She successfully stops the bleed. Cristina assures her father that both girls will be fine.

Richard won’t let up about Cristina and finally Catherine questions his naiveté. She admits that Cristina could have never won the award. The Avery Foundation has a financial stake in the hospital and it would have been a conflict of interest. Well, that is a real pisser. Would have been nice to know that earlier, eh?


Yang rushes back to Frankie’s OR. The donor heart they received was a real lemon, and now she’s worse off than before. Alex and Arizona successfully remove the donor heart and prep it to travel. Alex still thinks that Arizona brought him along to talk him out of the job offer but that is not the case. She wanted to share one last big memory with him. She allowed herself to be sentimental and he ruined the moment. He’s mighty relieved and cheerfully tells her that he still has hospital privileges, but a moment ruined is a moment ruined.

Owen is left with April in the OR. Cross Country’s journey has got her thinking about commitment and she starts weeping about her fight with Jackson. She’s worried that this fight was “the fight” and they will never get past it. Owen assures her that they will live to fight again.


Jackson is bored out of his mind while Bailey explains her genome project. He doesn’t care if this could be the greatest medical discovery of the 21st century, he needs to see results now. Way to be a dick, Jackson. I’m a lesbian blogger and even I know that medical research takes time. Bailey assures him that they are about to put it into action, but they Steph comes to the door with bad news.

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