“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.20): Win-Win


In the morning, Richard arrives and finds Ben asleep in the hall. Ben realizes that he’s missed surgery and runs off. Derek and the residents check on Nova, and thankfully she is fine because Leah was practically trembling with fear. When they all exit, Leah begins to cry. Derek issues the doctor’s creed, “Doctors don’t cry in hallways, that’s what stairwells are for.” Also on call rooms are for banging, while supply rooms are for drinking.


The Cardio father comes back, apologizing profusely. He fell asleep in the car and his phone died. He and his wife embrace. The only way they will get through this is together,

A yawning Alex gets help from Jo with his tie before he heads off to work at the private practice. He falls asleep sitting up, which Jo finds adorable, as do I.

Derek finally apologizes to Meredith for dropping the ball with the kids. He tells her that something has to give, and she knows that something will likely have to come from her.

The doorbell rings at Chez Calzona, and Arizona stand there looking ridiculously cute with Lil Bailey on her hip. April stands before them, eyes red from crying, and asks if she can stay there for a while. They of course invite her in.


Bailey shows up all bright eyed and bushy tailed, thanking Ben for encouraging her to get some Zs. She even had the time and energy to make pancakes. Ben allows Bailey to think he’s some kind of Superman. Hey, we all need these little victories.

It’s finally time for the Harper Averys and Cristina looks like a million bucks. She and her updo are soon surrounded by doctors who oo and ahh over her brilliance.


Suddenly, even while surrounded by people, Cristina feels completely alone. She calls Meredith and laments not letting her and Owen come to the event. Not to worry, because Meredith and Owen did show up to surprise a grateful Cristina. A really wicked cover of Tears for Fears‘ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” plays as they all settle in to listen to Catherine Avery deliver her speech. The Harper Avery is for doctors who destroy obstacles, who redefine medicine. She announces the winner, who is not Cristina. This is some bullshit! Cristina sits stunned and disappointed, politely clapping for the winner.


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