“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.20): Win-Win


At Chez Calzona, Arizona chats with Meredith before bed. The kids are alright. When Arizona attempts to go to sleep, Callie turns on the light so they can process. Callie assumed she would carry the child because Arizona couldn’t “take another loss.” She didn’t want to do anything that would make Arizona sad. If carrying their baby would make Arizona happy, it would make Callie happy. Damnit, now we are all happy! Sorry, as a Calzona shipper, this feeling is strange and slightly tingly.


To say that April is freaking out would be an understatement. She yells at Jackson about not taking her faith seriously and wants him to admit he thinks having faith is ridiculous. Jackson breaks and admits that he doesn’t believe in God. April says that she feels sorry for him.


Cristina and Alex perform surgery on Frankie, and Meredith stops in to check on Cristina. Alex thinks Cristina is going to win the Harper Avery, and since she’s running short on prep time, she’s just going to wing the speech. Alex tells them about his moonlighting at Dr. Butthole’s private practice. Cristina wants to know why the hell he’d want to go into private practice anyway. Ummm, money, he responds. Some people don’t come from rich families, or are married to millionaire brain surgeons with perfect hair.

Callie and Arizona sit across from each other all atwitter about what they are about to do. No, it is not sex. They are about to flip a coin to see who gets knocked up. Yes, ye old pregnancy coin flip, performed by lesbians since the invention of double-sided currency. They decide this is the best way to handle this massive decision. When the coin goes airborne, Arizona screams out that she actually doesn’t want to carry the baby after all. She wants Callie to. Callie is thrilled to do so anyway. It’s a win-win.


All three Cardio kids are now on the transplant list. Ivy is indeed rejecting her new heart. Frankie is going through heart failure and Linc is surviving on that experimental pump. The father is still not answering the phone and the mother is worried that he has walked out on them all.

While Ben slumbers against the wall back in the ER, Derek and the residents work on his patient Nova, who had been waiting two days for the surgery. Jo is doing a bang up job, but Derek sends her away for being a know it all. Takes one to know one, Derek. He brings Leah in who doesn’t listen and puts a clamp on the patient, possibly causing major damage.

Cristina, Meredith and Owen stand outside waiting for a cab to come and whisk Cristina away to Boston for the awards. Meredith gets a page and has to run, as does Owen, but he feels guiltily leaving Cris. She’s ready though, and sends him off. The cab comes and a glowing Cristina gets in.

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