“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.20): Win-Win

Emergency babysitters extraordinaire, Callie and Arizona actually have Lil Bailey and Zola. They have cancelled date night, but now Derek owes them a child-free weekend. (We better get to see that. Antiquing, brunching, sexy times. Listen to what the people want, Shonda.) They coo over Bailey and talk about missing Mark. He was an integral part of their family before, and a new baby requires a few ingredients that they don’t have quite yet. Callie assumes she’ll be carrying the child, while Arizona pipes in saying that they hadn’t exactly decided on that.


Cristina and Owen work on Ivy to see what they can do to prevent the rejection. Owen continues to push at Cristina about the awards ceremony. She tells him she wants to go it alone, and this hurts Owen.

A gentleman with a pair of scissors sticking out of his head comes into the OR and Derek and the residents get to work on him. Jo volunteers to remove the scissors, which she does like a young King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone.


Jackson and April continue fighting because April thinks that he willfully ignores her feelings, which he sometimes does. She finally declares that Jackson was judging the parents of the deaf child, and she’s worried that he will do the same to her. She knows that Jackson thinks religion is ridiculous, so how will he react when she wants their kids to go to bible study and church. April has been wanting to have this conversation since they first got married, and the implant incident has just allowed her anxieties to bubble to the surface. How do two people with completely different ideologies come together and raise a child without alienating each other? April and Jackson will have to find a way.

Cardio mom has been trying to reach her husband for hours but he’s not answering. No one can find Frankie either. Alex goes to Brayden’s room to see if he might know. On Brayden’s camera car, they locate the girl. She’s passed out in a hallway. Alex and Owen find her and rush her into surgery.

Meredith finally finds Derek as he’s prepping for surgery and gives him a real tongue lashing about misplacing their children for a few hours. Derek doesn’t have time to talk, which is a thing he does when he knows he’s been an asshole. 

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