“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.20): Win-Win


The residents (including Ben! Yay!) are gearing up for a hot night of karaoke. Stephanie is bummed out because she’s stuck working and karaoke is the air that she breathes. Derek marches in and announces that he’s going to be teaching them that evening, so their plans for a social life are down the toilet. Anyone else notice that Leah is forever trying to get the hell out of there and keeps getting pulled back in?


Bailey is in her lab, carefully prepping her genomes. Ben comes in to let her know that after working for thirty-two hours, he has to work some more. Bailey wants to sit and watch her genomes do whatever genomes do, but Ben suggests she actually go home and rest. Surprisingly, she does.

Cristina has found someone to work on her speech with. The Cardio kids. Linc thinks it’s too braggy. An honest critique. Owen pops his head in, responding to her page. She wants his input too. That’s not exactly what the paging system is for, Cris. Brayden’s toy camera car zooms in, looking for Frankie and inviting her to come play.

Derek and his crew of residents visit a patient who has been waiting to have her surgery done for two days now. The patient’s friend is pissed and yells at Derek in front of them. Derek promises that the operation will proceed in a few hours and that the residents will assist. They collectively groan out of exhaustion.


Meredith’s gastric bypass patient isn’t doing well and needs to go back to surgery. When she finds out that Derek hasn’t picked up the kids, she gets all Khaleesified. Where are my dragons?! I mean, children!

At Jackson and April’s house, they continue their conversation about the child’s cochlear implant. Jackson assumes that if he and April were in a similar situation that of course their child would have the implant. April pipes up that she wouldn’t and they begin to argue.


Back in the cardio kids room, Ivy, the oldest isn’t feeling well. Her stomach is rigid and Cristina fears that she is rejecting her donor heart.

Meredith, in surgery herself, calls Derek to find out where their children are. Derek doesn’t answer because he and the residents are poking around in a dead guys brain. Ben, who is beyond exhausted, leans against the wall for a quick 30 seconds of shuteye. 

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