“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.19): Almost Famous

When Arizona finally leaves for the night, she finds a nervous Callie waiting for her. Callie has something she needs to tell Arizona and she’s afraid of her wife’s reaction. Arizona’s first thought is that Callie slept with someone else. Callie says no, she wants another baby. Then the realization of Arizona’s assumption causes her to shift into mega-pissed mode, so Arizona tries to change the subject back to babies. Smooth move, Robbins. Turns out, Robbins wants another baby too. Well, for more practical reasons like not wanting Sofia to be alone when they die, but still. The squeal and coo, and decide to bring another Robbins-Torres into the world.

I admit to being somewhat skeptical of pregnant lesbian plots. I think they are often something writers invoke when they have a.) run out of ideas for a lesbian character or couple or b.) assume that every lesbian wants a baby. I don’t believe that Shonda is doing that, so I have hope that this storyline will be all kinds of touching and adorable instead. Calzona had wanted a baby before their breakup, and now that they have finally healed those massive rifts in their relationship, perhaps this is the right time. (Tune in next week when they flip an actual coin about who will get pregnant. I’m serious.)

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Owen stops Cristina before she leaves and presents her with a bottle of champagne, which they share in the weird utility room with the fan that they love. In front of Owen, Cristina can finally let her guard down and admit to looking into the other nominees. He’s convinced that she can win this. She is too, and finally allows herself to celebrate.


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