“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.19): Almost Famous

Callie’s back in the MEG, and this time she’s talking about her love of ortho. After her touching story of ortho first love, Derek gives her the news. That isn’t working either. She’s frustrated, and tries to argue with him. When Meredith and baby Bailey walk in, Callie’s brain lights up like a Christmas tree. Derek mistakes this response as Callie crushing on Meredith but it’s not. It’s a case of LESBIAN BABY FEVER.


In kidney transplant surgery, Richard calls out Bailey on her jealousy. She admits that she feels stuck on Brayden’s research, and yes, she’s jealous as hell.

The Medi-vac arrives with the pump and all the residents and Meredith squeeze into the OR theatre to watch Cristina do her magic. Down on the OR floor, she looks like a conductor, carefully going through the procedure in her head and hands. The residents gush that they knew her when. Lincoln is wheeled in and it all begins.

Bailey is still moping even as her surgery with Richard is a success. He reminds her that not too long ago, doctors barely understood HIV, let alone how to help patients survive it. His lecture gets Bailey’s wheels spinning. She knows how to help Brayden; by deactivating the virus, and using the same transport systems that HIV. There it is. Fireworks.

As Arizona and Cristina work on Linc, Derek finds Meredith in the theatre. He knows his wife so well, that he can tell she’s beyond jealous. She admits throwing the champagne toast to try to hide it. She thinks that this genius move deserves its own Harper Avery.


Alex straps a camera to Brayden’s toy car so he can at least be somewhat a part of the peds ward goings on. Jo thinks that was a pretty swell idea, and Alex decides that having money can allow you to do some pretty cool things. With that, he decides to take the private practice job with Dr. Butthole.

After Linc’s surgery, Bailey sees Cristina waiting for the elevator and finally congratulates her on the Harper Avery. When Cristina says it’s just a nomination and turns away, Bailey charges up to her and reminds her of her manners. When you receive a compliment, you smile and say thank you. Cristina does just that.


Richard and Shane check on Keith and Marty, who are doing swimmingly. Steph, who calls swap monkey, interrupts them. Now she wants in on Bailey’s research. Shane says no and sprints off, with Stephanie hot on his heels. Leah asks Richard if there is a photo of Ellis Grey winning her first Harper Avery. He pulls a well worn picture out of his pocket of him and Ellis, thirty years prior.

Arizona, Owen and Cristina, brief Lincoln’s family on his condition. He’s doing well and his parents are grateful, and also sorry for doubting Cristina. She tells them doubt is normal, and walks away. Arizona looks at the family’s children, all curled up and sleeping next to each other. A faint ticking sound is heard. Oh, sorry, that’s just Arizona’s biological clock. (Whenever my biological clock starts ticking, I just reach over and hit snooze.)

Jackson surprises April by doing laundry, which is the sexiest thing he’s ever done. April is stressed out by Jackson’s copious amount of money, so he offers her leftovers to soften the blow.

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