“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.19): Almost Famous


In Bailey’s lab, Shane shows up to find her a wee bit bitter about Cristina’s award. She tells him that genomic sequencing is the future of medicine. You know what isn’t? Awards dinners with all that free champagne and those tasty mini quiches. Meredith pops in to let her know that Keith and Marty are ready, and Bailey transfers her jealousy in Meredith’s direction. All these ungrateful geniuses running around, she scoffs. She’s trained them all.


Cristina is on the horn with Stanford about that cardiac pump for Linc, and apparently word travels fast that she’s a Harper Avery nominee. Before she can revel in it too much, Linc begins to crash. They get him out of the woods, but unfortunately Stanford can’t give them the pump because of the FDA. Now Linc’s only chance is a heart transplant and soon.

Keith is being prepped for surgery, but Marty confesses to Leah and Meredith that he doesn’t want to donate his kidney now. He’s survived the AIDS epidemic and isn’t willing to take this big of a risk. He can’t face telling Keith the truth though, so Meredith lies for him, saying that Marty is actually not a match. Keith is devastated and Marty is guilt-ridden.

It’s Callie’s turn in the MEG and Derek asks her the basic questions, and Callie is all smiles and lollipops. She loves her wife, her family, her life. She’s on top of the world, damn it. The scans don’t lie though, and Derek tells a baffled Callie that she’s probably depressed.


Alex examines Brayden through the bubble, while the little boy plays with his remote control car. He keeps ramming the car into the plastic, and Alex warns him that he’s going to rip the bubble. That’s kind of the plan doc.

Meredith pops into to Bailey’s lab to let her know that Marty has backed out of surgery. Bailey says fine, she’s busy changing the world anyway so could Meredith please pass on her congratulations to Cristina on the Avery nomination. Meredith shrugs and says ok, while Shane watched Bailey carefully for any signs of fireworks. None yet. This all happens while a very emo version of “Sister Christian” plays in the background.

Lincoln’s family is freaking out that he’s slipping away, and Cristina had given him a week. They are obviously at their wits end because all three kids have suddenly become seriously ill, and the doctors can’t find out why. When the world stops making sense, it’s human nature to try to find someone to blame.

There is a fantastic cafeteria scene next, where Cristina tells complimentary interns to buzz off, April eats old meatloaf, and Callie slams a soda and noisily sucks on a straw. When Derek shows up, Callie drags him back to the lab, claiming low blood sugar as the culprit for her shitty MEG readings. He obliges, because, well he doesn’t have a choice. Richard sits down and calls Cristina the future of medicine, which causes her to get up and leave. Richard assures Meredith that her mother was the same way when she was nominated. Their lunch is interrupted by Marty, who has now changed his mind about the kidney donation. He wants to do it.


The residents discuss what their speeches will be like when they win their future Harper Avery Awards. Steph will thank her parents, Jo will thank herself. Leah is pouring over old journals to find Ellis Grey’s first Harper Avery. Leah feels defeated and considers a career as farmer. (How about an astronaut?!) Shane and Leah get a page that the kidney surgery is back on, and run off. Now Meredith has to explain to Bailey that they lied to Keith about Marty not being a match. She gives them a look like “I’m surrounded by amateurs” and marches off to talk to the patients. She tells Keith that Meredith screwed up reading the labs.. She then swoops in steals Meredith’s surgery, much to Leah and Meredith’s chagrin.

Owen paces the hall, yelling at the FDA to release the Standford pump, while Jo regales Alex in her latest orthro adventure. As they walk, Alex spies Brayden’s car in the hall. Turns out he’s escaped and running through the halls with Frankie. Alex tracks him down, and forces everyone to move away. They have to bring in a special biodome gurney to wheel the child back to his room.


The whole episode has Frankie upset too, and she asks her mother if Linc is going to die. Her mother can’t give her an answer, but tells her that she hopes not. Arizona comes up to them with good news. The FDA came through.

Owen relays the story of his conversation with the FDA to a very focused Cristina. They gave in because they found out that Cristina was kind of a big deal. Now the pump is on a plane to Seattle. Arizona comes in and Owen launches into his story again before Cristina snaps at them both to leave. Jo runs in with bad news; flights out of San Francisco are grounded and Linc may not survive much longer. The only option is private jet, which is twenty-five grand. They all freak out until Jackson pulls out his Amex and says to charge the damn thing.

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