“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.15): Achilles Heely


A patient is rushed into the ER and Stephanie meets up with the EMT to get the scoop. Talk quickly turns to how Steph ran over Dr. Robbins, and how it’s all the gossip. The EMT suggests that next time, she aim for Kepner. Pushing the gurney, Steph ends up knocking over the real prize: Jackson. In an exam room, she apologies, and he accepts for the most part. Richard and April rush in, and Stephanie makes a speedy getaway. As she walks away, the nurses and staff all start to applaud her.


Meredith, Bailey, Owen and Arizona all gather to discuss the surgery that will help the little boy with liver disease. Owen tells Arizona to step out and get her ass to HR right away, so she hands the reigns to Bailey and Meredith. Meredith protests that this is Alex’s patient, but Owen assures her that the kid is hers now.

Derek is busy fretting about telling Callie that she can no longer use the sensors they developed for her research, so he asks Meredith for advice. She says that Callie will understand, which makes me wonder which Callie she is talking about. Certainly not Callie Torres.

April and Jackson coo at each other in the hall. The subject of Matthew comes up, as apparently she’s been trying to reach him. He’s not answering, which surprises no one. Jackson leaves and when April turns around, kidney guy stands there like a stalkery stalker. Thankfully Owen comes by and explains that he cannot get his kidney back, and that UNOS would not be ok with that. Kidney Guy maintains he has rights to this organ, so April and Owen feign emergency pages.

Before Arizona and her squeaky leg head to HR, she talks with Callie about Alyssa’s amputation. She knows that Callie is scared about amputations now because of Arizona. She gives her permission to let that go, and do what’s best for the patient. (Just as Callie did when she gave permission for Arizona’s leg to be amputated. We are coming full circle here, people.) On the way in to HR, Arizona and Leah catch a wary glimpse of each other.


The abandoned baby is struggling and Ross steps in to use his critical thinking skills to work, saving the baby and impressing Cristina at the same time. They head into surgery to repair the baby’s heart.

There is no time like the present, so Derek decides to break the news to Callie about the project. She takes it about as well as you would expect Callie to, which is to say, not at all. She resents that her work is being taken from her and accuses Derek of some nasty playground tactics.

In the HR office, Arizona is answering questions about the incident where Leah drilled through a patient’s leg and into a table while in surgery with her and Callie. The HR lady is satisfied with her answers, and dismisses her. Arizona is relieved but a little confused. The HR lady tells her not to worry, the complaint wasn’t against her anyway. The news sinks in like Atreyu’s horse into the Swamp of Sadness (too soon?) The complaint is against Callie.

A disheartened Arizona finds Cristina scrubbing in for the abandoned baby’s surgery, who they have christened, Oscar. Arizona gets a page from Callie and leaves to join her in the Alyssa’s room. Callie tells Alyssa and her father, that she now agrees with the amputation option, even though it pains her to say so. They schedule the surgery for that day, and Alyssa hugs her father and thanks him. Once out of the room, Arizona has the unpleasant task of informing Callie that Leah actually filed the complaint against her. Callie looks likes she’s been hit in the face with a pie made out of hammers. She now has to report to HR to give her side of the story. Arizona offers to do the amputation, and Callie agrees. Not before she screams at Arizona about her jealous ex-girlfriend trying to ruin her reputation. You have to feel for Callie, who narrowly escaped a career-ending lawsuit, just to have it possibly unraveled by her wife’s former lover.


During baby Oscar’s procedure, Cristina asks Shane if he felt that their relationship compromised him or his ability to be a doctor in any way. Shane says no, and Cristina is relieved. She also offers him a bit of teacherly advice. Stop doing favors, and kissing ass. She lets him know that he is a great doctor, and that is all he ever needs to prove.

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