“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.15): Achilles Heely

Because Jo has been kicked out of Peds, Owen assigns her to watch over brain dead guy. She’s not happy until she finds out if could lead to multiple organ transplants. She and April are tasked to watch over him and make sure the organs stay viable. Meanwhile, a man walks in to inquire about their patient. You see, he donated a kidney to this gent a few years ago, and he’d like it back now. Please and thank you.


Derek is getting settled in to his new White House approved office, and Skyping with one of his new colleagues. He is instructed to discontinue using the sensors that he and Callie developed, because when the White House tapped him, they laid claim to his research as well. Now he has to break the news that Callie can no longer continue her research. Nice knowing you, Derek.

Because there are heart issues involved, Cristina is now also working on the abandoned baby. He’s showing signs of decline, which Cris rattles off when Arizona walks in. The baby is not a former patient, so they can’t be sure exactly what’s wrong until they run more tests. Arizona asks about cuddles. Cuddles help big time. So Arizona scoops the baby up and holds him. Cristina is not a fan of cuddles, so she assigns Shane to cuddle duty. He reluctantly complies.

Alex refuses to accept defeat with his suspension, so he asks Meredith to help him out with the Chief. Cristina joins up with them, and Meredith announces that Owen and Emma broke up. By looking at Cristina’s face, Meredith can’t tell if she’s happy or sad about it. Unfortunately, neither can Cristina.


Callie’s patient du jour is an angry tween named Alyssa, born with clubfeet. She asks Arizona to assist on the consult because they have both known the patient for quite some time. After dozens of surgeries, Alyssa is not only angry; she’s tired of the constant pain. She asks to have both legs removed so she can move on with her life. Arizona watches the whole thing unfold, conflicted. Callie tries to give her a pep talk, and sprinkles it with words like “hope” and “faith” and puppies and shit. When she turns to Arizona for backup, Arizona surprises her by disagreeing that more surgeries are the option. Callie is not happy about this, but Arizona asks Callie not to dismiss amputation as an option. Callie retorts that amputation would be like throwing away three years of investment. Derek approaches while they argue, and upon hearing Callie’s wrath, decides now is not the time to deliver bad news.

Cristina and Ross are performing some exploratory surgery on the baby, and instead of being distant and weird, Cristina actually tries to teach him. The baby needs more surgery, at least two more actually. They wonder why someone would abandon such a delicate little guy.

Alex and Jo sneak in a little time together while Jo watches over the brain dead patient. She makes a joke about using all of his organs, including his appendix, which gives Alex an idea for his young patient. Well, if he was allowed to practice at the moment. The kidney donor still won’t let up about getting his kidney back, and April tries to reason with him.

Arizona sits down to deal with some blisters brought on by the back up leg, and Bailey gives her a hand. Alex bursts in to the room to discuss the appendix option, and how it will reduce complications. Alex notices Arizona’s exposed stump, and whirls around like he’s just seen her naked. He’s overwhelmed by the vulnerability of it, and it scares him so he takes off. Arizona explains to Bailey that she gets two kinds of looks with her leg. Pathetic ones like the one Alex just shot her, and ones of superpower wonderment like the one her little patient gave her.


Cristina updates Owen on the abandoned baby, and he lets her know that social services will be on it. She takes this opportunity to call him an idiot for dumping Emma. Owen doesn’t want to talk about it. She does that “playing it cool” thing that Cristina does, where you know she is actually jumping out of her skin. He picks up on it and turns the tables on her, asking why is she so upset about his breakup. In classic Cristina fashion, she bails.

The Alyssa’s father stands at the nurses station, visibly upset. When Arizona walks by, he calls her over. He asks if she has children, then launches his anger about the amputation right at her. She takes it, because she gets it. She shows him her leg, and explains that his daughter’s condition and pain is severe, but she totally understands his dilemma. 

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