“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.14): Panty Police State

Shane, who has remained virtually silent all episode has had just about enough. He’s in the same boat as Leah, Steph and Jo, but he’s tired of the nonsense. He tells his colleagues that they are so busy bitching and moaning about their personal lives, that they are squandering their opportunities to become extraordinary. They are there to save lives, and Rory needs saving so, they all suck it up and get to work. Alex and Richard are in the OR with Rory, and the chest tumor is worse than they thought. It’s stuck to everything. The residents use their collective brain power and as a team come up with a way to save Rory’s life.


Unfortunately, Rory crashes on the table, and their research comes too late. When Alex and Richard inform the family, Rory’s sister speaks up. She actually does want to know if she has the same deadly gene. She does. Her parents embrace her as she considers not only the lost of her beloved sister, but the very real possibility she will one day suffer the same fate.

The board has all gathered to discuss Jo and Alex’s relationship and warn them to not take it into the workplace. Alex is so pissed he practically spits nails into each of them. He calls them all a bunch of hypocrites, which is painfully accurate, and tells them to go ahead and punish his ass before walking out. When all eyes turn to Jackson and April, they admit to being married and everyone is all smiles. Except Jo. Who is in trouble. April whispers that she is sorry to Jo, who would probably love to slam April’s head into the conference table a few times.

After their come to Jesus moment, Leah, Steph and Shane head to Joe’s to bond and drink, but definitely not make out. Nope. None of that. They see Ben and Bailey on their way and invite Ben to join them. After being left out, he’s thrilled to be seen as part of the group. Bailey shoos him off with a grin.


Trash Chute’s friend has taken the bull by the horns and is breaking up with TC’s lover for her on the phone. Only a true friend will do that kind of dirty work for you. Perhaps they are each other’s person. TC doesn’t waste any time and hits on Jackson right in front of April. As if he’s ever been able to get the image of removing a mini quiche from her calf. He politely declines, and he and April both smile knowingly. He’ll be wearing his wedding ring from now on.

In an unexpected turn (well for Emma at least) Owen breaks up with Emma at the bar. She is completely shocked and wants an explanation. Six hours ago they were talking about how many kids they were going to have and now it’s over. Owen tells her that he needs someone who is passionate about her work and wants to exchange OR stories at the end of the day. Well, this is new. For the last couple years, Owen has desperately wanted a child and a slightly more conventional life. Are his affections for Cristina outweighing his lifelong desire to be a father? Unfortunately, it appears that Owen is just restarting the messy cycle that he and Cristina have been in for years. You are maddening, man!


At the MerDer mansion, Derek receives big news. Not only does the White House want him, but they want him to lead the entire project. With this news, Meredith sees her dreams of glory slip away. She somehow manages to come to terms with it, because she loves Derek and guilt tripping aside, completely supports him. They have sex because they are the McDreamy’s and nothing is going to come between them. Not plane crashes, not near death experiences, and certainly not the biggest opportunity of Derek’s career.

*Final note, how awesome was the music in this episode? Those moody, emo covers of ’80s hits really underscored the episode well.

Here are some of our favorite #GreysGays tweets from “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”







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