“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.14): Panty Police State


Cristina shows up at Owen’s trailer, drunk and clutching a bottle of celebratory “My ex-husband is moving on” wine. Emma isn’t there, so he welcomes her in. They shoot the shit about the new policy, and Cristina switches the subject to Emma and her puffy drapes. Emma is the kind of woman who would take pride in hanging valances. Cristian and Owen’s firehouse didn’t have valances, but Owen tells her that he didn’t care. They stare at each other as she caresses the back of his head. Moments later, they are kissing.

At Callie and Arizona’s house, Callie is feeling bad for Jo and Alex and their newly sanctioned relationship. Arizona nods and smiles and begins to tear Callie’s clothes off. She feels terrible too, but not terrible enough not to have super-hot sex with her wife. They flop onto the bed, giggling.


The next morning, Emma surprises Owen at the hospital. Owen has guilty face, but Emma doesn’t notice. She unloads that she wants a house with room for children, with excellent school districts. In other words, she wants to be a wife and mom, and wants Owen to want the same. His mouth tells her he does, but his eyes tell us otherwise.

Bailey discovers that Rory has Li-Fraumini syndrome, a condition that makes her body unable to fight off tumors. It’s rare and the normal courses of treatment only stand to make her worse. Richard gets the residents involved once again, ordering them to find out all they can about this disorder and how they can try and save Rory’s life. Before the residents head out, Richard pulls Shane aside to check on him. Shane’s just been keeping his head down, but Richard reminds him that he has a voice and to use it.


Derek is depressed and the only cure is brains, so Owen puts him back on the surgical board. Derek was so high with the thought of being able to change so many lives working for the White House, that he’s not sure how he can be satisfied with his boring existence of housework and OPERATING ON PEOPLE’S BRAINS! Cristina overhears them.

Due to the excellent and diligent work of Jackson and April, Trash Chute will likely keep her leg. They vacu-seal it like a sous-vide duck breast on Top Chef. TC starts crying when she realizes that the flowers in her room are from her mother and not her married lover. Her friend is having none of it. It’s all very sad, especially because we all know women like this. Smart, funny and whose self-worth is completely tied up in someone else.

Jackson and April are finding it hard to go on hiding their relationship, but April also finds the whole secret husband thing really sexy.


In Rory’s room, she, her sister and Alex talk about whether or not she should find out if she has the gene as well. Rory’s life has been so consumed by her illnesses, that she doesn’t want her sister to go through the same torment. Her sister asks Alex if she has to find out the results, and Alex tells her that while she may be young, she has a say in this. The conversation with the sisters strikes a chord in Alex because he doesn’t want to hide his relationship with Jo anymore. They sneak into a storage room where they bump into a half naked Jackson and April. Well, that secret is out now. A disgusted Alex opens the door to leave, and standing there is Richard who can only shake his head. Being the panty police is no easy job. Jo scowls at Jackson and announces that she hates him even more now. Alex’s pager goes off, so he bolts, with Jo right behind him. Jackson and April just kind of shrug and go right back to boinking.

In Meredith’s research room, Mer’s feeling down in the dumps. The research isn’t going as well as she would like and now after weeks of guilt tripping, she actually feels bad that Derek may have lost his position in the White House. Cristina pops in to give her a pep talk, and right away Meredith knows that Crowen is back on.


Things aren’t going so well for Rory, who is now unconscious and in need of intubation. The tumor in her chest has ruptured. Her sister stands by horrified as Alex tells her to find her parents. As the residents continue their research into Rory’s condition, Jo storms in to drop a truth bomb on Stephanie. She tells Steph that April and Jackson are actually still together, and the “anonymous complaint” she filed is actually only really punishing Jo and Alex. Steph looks like she has just swallowed a million shards of broken glass. The thing is, Steph is not the person who filed the complaint. Leah speaks up, and with tears in her eyes admits to being the one behind the complaint. She was tired of feeling kicked around, and expendable and decided to make a statement. Here’s the deal.

She’s not entirely wrong.


Before you sharpen your scalpels, hear me out. Yes, Leah is a grown-up who willing entered into a physical relationship with Arizona. Yes, she knew that there were no guarantees. What she didn’t anticipate was essentially getting screwed over professionally. Peds rotation? Yeah, that’s not happening anymore. Working with Callie on ortho? Nope. Too intimidating. When she stood naked and trembling in that hotel room the day that Arizona told her to get out, she lost out on so much more than a romance with Arizona. She lost any control of how her professional and personal lives intersect. When people feel helpless, they do desperate things. Leah is easy to blame because she makes it really hard to sympathize with her. She’s needy, hot-headed and caused friction between Callie and Arizona. But she isn’t a monster.

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