“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.12): I’ve Got the Wedding Bell Blues


In the OR, Ross and Leah have Alex’s dad all cracked open. Ross is making a mess of things and Leah calls for reinforcements. He really begins to lose it, from sleep deprivation, grief, guilt. When Leah tells him to back away, he yells that he’s got her. “Her.” I think we all know who he’s thinking of. Leah runs off to get Richard to help her.

April and her posse are heading out the door when they run into Owen and Derek. Meredith stays behind to check in with Derek. She thanks him for holding off on other projects and giving her space to grow.

Jo waits for Alex, who finally arrives and kisses her passionately. He talks about a future together, and a family all of their own. They make promises of a happy life together and seal them with more kisses.


At the barn where the ceremony is taking place, the women walk down the aisle, their loved ones smiling back at them. Except for the Kepner sisters, who give Cristina the stink eye. April looks stunning and Matthew is blown away by her bridal beauty.

Richard walks into the ER to find a very out of it Ross. He’s flashing back to thoughts of Brooks. Richard talks him down, as Ross confesses his feelings of guilt in her death. When he finally walks away, Richard and Leah jump in to try and save Jimmy’s life.

As the priest begins the ceremony, Derek’s phone goes off and he gets up to answer it. When he is told to hold for the President of the United States, he is utterly confused. I sincerely hope that Grey’s Anatomy does not take place in the same universe as Scandal, because if that is Fitzgerald Grant, Derek should hang up the damn phone. Does anyone else pray there won’t be a crossover episode?


Now comes the part of the ceremony that always causes problems for television dramas. The “forever hold your peace” part. No one can ever hold their damn peace! While all the rest of the guests are smiling and giving the bride and groom their blessings, Jackson is slowly crumbling. He leans over to Stephanie and tells her that he’s sorry, right before standing up. Then sits right back down again. Stephanie looks as if she doesn’t know whether to cry or puke. When the priest continues to the vows, Jackson can no longer control himself. He jumps up and stops the whole thing by professing his love to April in front of everyone. (Dude, Leah is going to be so mad at you for stealing her idea.) The looks on the faces of the guests are amazing. Shock (Meredith), confusion (Bailey), bemusement (The Kepners Three) , annoyance (Alex) and what appears to be surprised delight (Jo). All eyes turn to April when Jackson asks if she loves him back. She is left utterly speechless.


Here are some of our favorite #greysgays tweets from the mid-season finale.

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