“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.12): I’ve Got the Wedding Bell Blues


Bad Breath Guy made it out of surgery fine, but then suffered a massive stroke. His prognosis is not good, and he is rendered unable to communicate. Jackson feels terrible about the whole thing, as the wife sings “It Had to Be You” to her beloved. Outside, Stephanie tries to gather the courage to tell Jackson she loves him, but stops herself.

The wedding is getting closer, so Jo asks Leah if she will keep an eye on her patients for her. However, Leah has other plans. She’s going to show up at that wedding like a regular Benjamin Braddock, and profess her undying love for Arizona in front of god and a mortified barn full of people. As soon as the plan escapes her lips, Leah realizes how completely crazy it sounds. She hugs Jo, as a million sparklers of self-awareness blaze in her head. Goodbye crazy Leah, hello together Leah. She agrees to take Jo’s patients. There is a slight problem though. She’s over her allowable hours. Ross is there though to show her how to bypass the system. He can manually switch his hours through a little hack. Leah doesn’t know whether to be impressed or concerned.


As Derek leaves for the wedding, Owen follows him out. He feels that it’s Derek’s duty to stand up when called upon by his country, as he was his as a soldier. Derek explains that the callings are quite different. Owen risked his life for his country, these guys just want a government paycheck.

Callie and Arizona look beautiful in their wedding outfits. Ok, the bridesmaid dress is a bit…bright, but they look lovely anyway. Callie wants to celebrate the success she and Derek have been having on their project, and includes Arizona in her sentiments. Without Arizona, Callie wouldn’t be doing this life changing work. Arizona begins to tear up, and blames it on the wedding.


Doing an even worse job at hiding their feelings are Ben and Bailey. She’s all geeked about finding a new way to combat her patients tumors, but he’s concerned that she’s avoiding performing surgeries so she doesn’t have to deal with her OCD. She subtly reminds him that her OCD came roaring back when he decided to come back to Seattle and ditch his residency. They head into the wedding, teeth clenched, hands not held.

We get our first glimpse of the bride and April looks beautiful in a simple gown, with sheer cap sleeves and sweet little detailing. Instead of fawning all over her like a good bridesmaid, Arizona is crying. About herself. She tells April about Callie trying to forgive and take care and fix her and how it’s actually driving her fucking bananas. Arizona finally lays out the big, heavy truth: Arizona doesn’t want to be fixed. She wants to be wanted, and loved, for the person she is now. Not the person she was before she fell from the sky. She’s terrified that Callie won’t be able to. April hugs her, and quietly wishes Arizona could pick a more convenient time to fall apart.


At the hospital, Alex’s dad has a heart attack and Leah and Ross are left to his care. When Leah and the nurse try to call in for an experienced surgeon, Ross requests that an OR be booked for a sternotomy. The nurse objects and he bullies her until she backs down.

Finally Meredith and Cristina show up at the wedding, and all bridesmaids are accounted for. When April tries to instruct them on how to proceed with the ceremony, Cristina interrupts her to finish her argument with Meredith. They acknowledge that they both have changed, that they are drifting apart because sometimes life does that to people. Meredith admits she’s jealous of Cristina’s success, and Cristina misses Meredith’s place in her life. They come to a truce, and it’s a huge relief for both of them. April steps in to tell them both to shut the hell up already. It’s kind of her wedding day, and she’s surrounded by assholes at the moment. I have to tell you, this totally happens at weddings. Somehow, people have a talent for making your big day about them. Then they eat all the specialty Vermont cheese you carefully selected for your cocktail hour, without even saving any for the brides – who were very hungry, by the way, and stuck taking pictures…in the rain. Anyway, April tells them to make her feels special goddamnit, so they do.



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