“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.11): Less Talkin’, More Kissin’

At Kepner’s party, the gang’s all there, handing out salad spinners and the like. Leah and Stephanie slip in uninvited, and Richard teaches them how to hang at the appetizer table with aplomb, occasionally shouting out words of affirmation for the gifts. They are quick studies. Team Bruschetta. April begins to open a present from her sisters that was actually meant to be opened in private. It’s an itty-bitty wedding thong! The sisters start teasing her about being a big ol’ nerdy virgin, and April strikes back. She’s an ugly duckling no more, and she doesn’t need to continue to take shit from her sisters. She officially dumps them as her bridesmaids, and declares herself not a virgin. She then asks Arizona, Meredith and Cristina to stand in their stead. They are surprised, but agree to do it.


Matthew comes to pick up the ladies, and runs into Jackson. Turns out, Jackson lied to April and Matthew really did do a number on the cab victim’s neck. He was just trying to spare her feelings. Matthew and Jackson have a come to Jesus moment, and declare that neither of them take issue with the other. I kind of expected a sexy chest bump, but whatever. When Matthew finds out that Jackson isn’t coming to the wedding, he encourages him to change his mind.

Richard finds Bailey still trying to finish her sutures. He reminds her of the time she called him a drunk, and when she apologizes, he tells her she is right. He will always be an alcoholic, and when he’s stressed and feeling lonely (like he was in his house that afternoon) he still wants a drink. It’s how you manage your disease that matters, not that you have it. He encourages her to accept help, and she slowly takes her first pill.


At Chez Calzona, the fighting continues and it comes straight from the lesbian playbook. I’m pretty sure that, “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it” will be engraved on my tombstone. Anyway, Callie looks at Arizona, and decides to try another tactic. She grabs Arizona’s face and pulls her in for a passionate kiss. They both look back at each other, a little punch drunk from the whole thing. Arizona agrees, less talking, more kissing. So they do. And it is glorious. Reconnection can happen in many ways. Talking isn’t working, so Calzona will try a different route. One with sparks and rekindled passion. Once they are full of each other and endorphins, maybe they won’t have such a difficult time saying nice things to one another.


Cristina stand over baby Nathan’s bed, smiling at his success and her own. Meredith and Stephanie stand over their sheep, accepting and trying to learn from their failure. Alex, watches his father dream and act out the nightmares from their past. The script is so familiar, that Alex knows it by heart.

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