“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.11): Less Talkin’, More Kissin’


In the OR, April and Jackson are working on the cab victim. April is upset that Jackson yelled at Matthew in front of her sisters. When he tries to diffuse her, he calls her Duckie, which just sets her off. She explains that the nickname is short for Ugly Duckling, and that she was a bit of a hot mess growing up – something that she fights to defy every day of her adult life. Jackson then announces that Matthew actually did a fine job and suggests that he can handle it without April. She heads off to mani-pedis or something of the like.

Stephanie and Meredith are ready to start their portal vein sheep surgery, which Stephanie is videoing for their inevitable success which will change the face of medicine. Meredith is like, enough with the camera and face-changing, let’s do this! Cristina, Alex and Ross are also performing their surgery, but this one is in front of numerous cameras and a full observatory. As the surgeries happen in tandem, Meredith’s is turning out to be a success, while Cristina’s is faltering. The conduit is too small, so she has to do some maneuvering and adjusting. Watching from the observatory is Callie, who is joined by Arizona. She asks Callie if she had any success with Becca. When Arizona tells Callie to cheer up, Callie doesn’t respond well. Her research is in jeopardy with is not very cheerful. Arizona tries to backtrack, but Callie walks away, not wanting to fight. Leah observes the whole thing.


When Jo references the surgery, Leah is still stuck on Arizona, wondering aloud if they might break up. Jo, being a bro, turns Leah’s face back to the surgery. When things start to head south, Cristina insists that the cameras shut down.  The baby’s parents are understandably distraught when they find out that the surgery was not as successful as they all hoped. The baby has some major hurdles ahead, which Cristina suggests they take one step at a time.

Jo sits with Jimmy as he goes through hallucinations brought on by the detoxing. He yells about Alex, thinking he’s still a little boy, and Jo tries to comfort him.

Ross and Meredith find themselves in the elevator of feelings together. When she calming inquires about his surgery, he is supremely disrespectful to her. She’s appalled and tells him that he can’t speak to her in such a manner, but he just walks away from her. Ross’s ego is so out of control that I’m looking forward to its inevitable collapse.  Heather Brooks, Ross. Heather Brooks.

Arizona has another run in with the Keplers Three. They are full on ready to wedding shower, but the bride is nowhere to be found. Arizona explains that the life of a doctor means not really having control over your time. The Keplers are not pleased, and they shake their unnaturally auburn heads in disapproval.


Bailey is still struggling to control the OCD symptoms while she does the sutures. Dr. Alma decides to run to the loo, but takes pictures of the instruments first to make sure Bailey doesn’t straighten any out while she’s gone. When she leaves, Bailey breaks down a little and starts to cry. She moves an instrument ever so slightly. Right then, Richard walks in, surprising her. He’s got to work on his skills since he’s been out of commission for so long. He doesn’t realize what’s going on and starts arranging the instruments.

Back in Derek and Callie’s research lab, they continue their work with Becca. She once again yells at her husband, and he once again leaves. She breaks down, explaining that she her husband does everything for her, and this was the one thing she wanted to do for him. It’s not working and Becca wants to have the sensors removed. Callie offers to schedule a surgery to remove the sensors, but Derek cuts her off and whisks Callie away to talk in private.

A cheerful Stephanie goes to check on the sheep and discovers that it’s flat lined. She tries to revive it, but the veterinarian informs her that it’s already been twenty minutes. Stephanie feels really baaaaaaad about it. (I’m sorry.) Meredith however, is much more realistic. They will do a necropsy to find out what went wrong, and they will try and fail again until one day, they actually do change the face of medicine.


Derek and Callie argue about Becca. Callie thinks she hates being there, but Derek knows that what is important is that she continues to try. Callie just wants to stop fighting, everyday. First with Arizona, and now with Derek.  She looks over at some bottles of water wishing they were sweet, sweet booze. Derek picks one up to hand to her, then something clicks.

Arizona and Drunkie Kepner are setting up for the shower, and discussing infidelity. Turns out that Drunkie’s husband had an affair but they stayed together for the kids. They didn’t go to therapy or talk things to death, they just tried to put the past behind them. When Arizona asks how that’s working out for her, Kepner’s sister answers her in a language only women in pain understand. Pinot Grigio.


Dr. Alma catches Bailey mumbling to herself and makes her start her last suture again. Bailey is sweating and at a breaking point. When Dr. Alma shoves a bottle of pills in her face, Bailey lashes out. Richard tries to distract Bailey and suggests they steal some food from Kepner’s shower. Bailey declines, wanting so desperately to be cleared and head back into the OR.

Meredith finds Cristina to offer her support for Cristina’s struggling patient. Cristina in turn offers congratulations of Meredith’s sheep surgery. Alas, Meredith tells her, the sheep has gone to wooly heaven. She then asks Cristina about Ross, and his change in behavior and demeanor. He’s become a gigantic jerk, and Meredith wonders aloud if he’s trying to be more like Cristina. Poor phrasing on Mer’s part, because Cristina counters back, accusing Meredith of actually saying that she’s ruined Ross. Cristina rightfully tells Meredith that her job is to make Ross an excellent surgeon, not inform his personality. Cristina is paged to  baby Nathan’s bedside where she gets a piece of good news. He’s beginning to thrive! The parents cry tears of joy, and there are smiles all around. Once Ross and Cristina are away from the parents, they walk away, completely in sync. Then they do a complicated little happy dance which I’m convinced took some time to practice. Maybe it’s a form of foreplay?


Jo hears Jimmy hollering from inside his room, and runs to find him out of bed and flailing about. He’s still yelling about young Alex and his mother. He pushes Jo into a wall, thinking she’s his ex wife. Alex rushes in and pulls him off of Jo before much more damage is done. They strap Jimmy to the bed, as Jo apologizes. None is needed, Alex tells her. This is all on Jimmy and his addiction, not on her.

Derek convinces Becca to try one more time to move the hand. This time, when the beleaguered husband goes to leave, Callie asks him to stay. They place him in front of Becca, and ask her to focus on him and her love and appreciation for him. When she finally lets go, the hand moves, reaching out to her husband. It says all the things she can’t allow herself to feel. The husband cries, and so does everyone else.

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