“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.10): Release the YaYas

Bailey and Ben continue fighting at home. He’s upset at himself and worried about Bailey but he lashes out saying that he should have told Owen himself. Bailey becomes so upset and frustrated that she literally tosses a chair. Unlike Ben, surgery is everything to her. If that’s taken away, who will she be?

In Richard’s room, he’s back to being bed-bound. Luckily he has a bunch of interns to keep him company. They decide to order some Thanksgiving KFC (extra crispy!), and debate the merits of the side dishes. Everyone wants extra biscuits.


Merdith is still steaming while she unloads her tale of woe on Derek, comparing Cristina to Regina George. Because he is a smart husband, he keeps his dissenting opinions to himself while Meredith simmers. Owen pops by to say that all is good with Emma and Cristina can come to Thanksgiving! He’s like a happy puppy. Meredith doesn’t want her there though. Sad Owen puppy. Cristina walks by and it’s chillier than ever. You guys, does this mean that Meredith and Cristina are breaking up? Let’s dance it out.


Here are some of our favorite #GreysGays tweets from this week’s episode.

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