“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.10): Release the YaYas


Callie, Arizona and Leah are all in surgery together and initially all is going well. Callie is coaching Leah through an ortho-procedure. Things take a turn for the worse when Leah accidentally drills too far and goes right through the little girls leg, into the table. Callie tries to talk her down, but Leah’s pent up nerves get the best of her. While Callie tries to push her to work through it, but Leah asks Arizona steps in. Arizona tells Callie to give Leah a little space. This moment of tenderness smacks Callie into realization. She instantly knows from Arizona’s words and body language that Leah was the one, and asks if it’s true. Leah is the ten plus times?! Callie angrily cleans up Leah’s surgical mess, and everyone feels awful. Of course Callie would find out while she’s elbow deep in the OR. However, I don’t know whom Callie thought Arizona might be dating. No one ever dates anyone outside of the hospital, so she was bound to run into it sooner or later.

Leah runs out of the OR followed by Arizona. Leah confronts Arizona about not telling Callie it was her. Arizona defends herself and tells her that this is her marriage they are talking about. Leah reminds Arizona that she’s not the only one with something to lose. Her career is important too and now Callie blames her for her pain, which could jeopardize Leah’s place there. When Arizona tries to reason with her, Leah says that Callie loves Arizona so of course the blame will lie with her. She storms out.


Jackson decides to confront April about the wedding invitation. She launches into a speech about how she technically didn’t invite him to spare Matthew’s feelings, but wants Jackson to be there. April needs Jackson’s blessing on her marriage, which he promises her she has. He doesn’t think it’s such a good idea that he be there though.

Stan, the dying woman’s lover shows up and he is distraught. He and the husband watch through the window as she auditions another woman to replace her. Stan cries out that no one can replace her, and he and the husband hug each other, sharing their mutual grief.


The heart conduit baby is fading fast and Cristina and Alex scramble to keep him alive. Once he’s in the clear, Alex asks if Cristina is planning to screw around with Ross. Her response is nothing less than Shakespearian. “Shall I compare thee to a baby seal?” No, she replies, she is not going to sleep with Ross. When it comes to the conduit, Alex is clearly on Team Cristina.

Richard is so eager to get out of the hospital that he’s really pushing the limits on his stress test. He keeps telling Jo to keep amping it up it, which she does reluctantly. Richard, not willing to accept his own limits, goes too far and ends up falling off the treadmill and breaking a couple ribs.


As Bailey prepares to begin a surgery, Owen and Meredith come in to stop her. When Owen confronts her, Bailey denies having any problem. Owen asks Meredith to move one of Bailey’s surgical instruments out of place. Then another. The disorder upsets Bailey, and Owen orders her off the floor. You can almost heart Bailey’s heart break.

The little girl’s parents have finally showed up, and the babysitter was right. They do blame her for the accident. Leah, whose heart grows a little bigger and stronger by the day, offers to stay with her.

Stephanie and Jackson meet up and he informs her that he will not be attending April’s wedding. She tells him about Stan and the husband, and says if these two guys can be ok with each other, why can’t you go to April’s wedding? Jackson promises that just because things are awkward, doesn’t mean they aren’t over. Jackson is wise and has obviously spent some time in lesbian bars.


Meredith confronts Cristina and Ross over the printer. She yells at Cristina with abandon, telling her that she’s not Christ incarnate. If Meredith doesn’t get her project done, she risks losing her grant. She continues to berate Cristina, who silently accepts it until Ross steps in, in big way. He tells Meredith to stand down, and back the hell off. She accuses him of hero worship and he goes right back at her, saying she’s made this about their friendship. He doesn’t back down telling her that she will get the damn printer tomorrow. Meredith stomps out, and Ross apologies for overstepping his bounds. Cristina isn’t upset with him and proves it by kissing him full on the mouth.


Callie and Arizona finally get a moment to lesbian process what happened earlier. Callie asks Arizona if she can’t keep it in her pants, can she at least keep it out of the hospital? Arizona stands up for herself and tells Callie she came back and wants to be back, but not to be Callie’s emotional whipping boy. She wants back into Callie’s life and her bed. I was really hungry when I watched the scene, but this is basically the gist.

Arizona: Um, you came to my door last week and invited me to come back and share your banana split, but all I got was a scoop of vanilla with that pineapple gloop that nobody really likes, but has to suffer through anyway. It’s tedious and unsatisfying. Where is the rest of the banana split? I want banana split.

Callie: Well you see, the last time I let you share my banana split, you dropped it in the proverbial dirt. So this time, I’m being much more cautious. Once we start communicating and having some fun together, then we can move on to the chocolate. And then, when the sparks begin to organically fly between us again, then you can have some of my sweet, sweet strawberry. Eventually, I hope that we can rebuild the trust between us, which will be the bananas and learn to forgive each other for all the pain we’ve caused by going crazy with the whipped cream. And maybe one day, if we are lucky—like Mer/Der lucky—our marriage will thrive and our mutual love and respect will be the cherry on top. Until then, get your sweet tooth under control and eat your vanilla and pineapple sauce, because that’s all I can give you right now.

Arizona: *grumble grumble* Fine.

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