“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.10): Release the YaYas

Owen and Emma, like all teenage couples, are all awkward and timid when it comes to discussing important things like sex and candied yams. Oh wait, I’m sorry, they are actually grown adults who are allowed to cut into people with scalpels and should really get their shit together. Anyway, the two of them are sitting making googley eyes at each other when Meredith comes in to take a bite of Emma’s muffin. Hey oh! The topic of Thanksgiving comes up and it turns out that nobody has plans! Meredith doesn’t cook because she’s busy doing everything else, but offers up her kitchen to Emma’s heavenly delights.

Stephanie runs into the other second years and asks if anyone else got invited to April’s wedding. Negatory they say! Ross bursts in and tells Stephanie he’s co-opting their printer again because sick babies trump all. Stephanie chases after him because Meredith is already pissed off at her and this will just throw her over the edge. Meredith herself is wrapped up in Richard, who wants out of the hospital like yesterday. He wants to go home, and not to some assisted facility while he fully recovers.

Arizona and Callie find themselves alone in the X-ray room. Things have thawed a little, and Callie is much more receptive to Arizona than she has been for months. Arizona decides that she should come clean so there are no more secrets between them. She tells Callie that she was with someone while they were separated. Callie isn’t happy about it, but this is Calzona 2.0, and she at least appreciates Arizona’s honesty and thanks her. Arizona opens the floor to questions, and at first Callie is hesitant. She asks if it was more than once? Yes. We are talking ten plus times here. For a moment things get tense, but they work through it. Callie asks if it is over and without hesitation, Arizona says yes. Completely over. Arizona can’t help but wonder if Callie was with other people. Callie tells her no, the only person she spent any quality time with was herself. She needed to remember how to have fun again. It’s a big step for both of them. This is the level of honesty and communication that had been missing since the accident, long before the affair. Arizona asks if she can hug Callie, and she says yes. Their embrace is tentative at first, then warm. I missed yous are exchanged. The moment is broken when Leah bursts through the door, not realizing what she’s walking in on.


Stephanie manages to hunt down Meredith and tell her about Ross and the 3D Printer (which would make a great children’s book). Meredith is ablaze with anger and tears off to find him and Cristina.

At the nurse’s station, Derek is trying to find Owen, followed by a miserable Ben. It’s like Grand Central Station, with that patented Shonda rapid-fire dialogue. To summarize, Thanksgiving dinner at the Mer/Der Mansion is about to get crowded.

What isn’t crowded is the stairwell, were Leah sits forlornly. Stephanie approaches her and Leah admits to feeling like total shit about Arizona. She’s also self-aware enough to know that this is a pattern she’s developed. Seeking out the wrong people to get involved with, then falling apart when she inevitably gets dumped. It’s a big moment when you can look at your own major shortfalls and know that you want to change, even when you don’t know how. Stephanie tells her to pick herself up, dust off her chin dimple, and be the badass surgeon she knows she can be.


Owen, feeling guilty about spending Thanksgiving with his new lady, tries to gauge Cristina’s plans. She’s thinking of working a double because pumpkin pie is bullshit! (Just kidding, it’s ambrosia) She tells him that it’s ok to tell her that he’s spending the holiday with Emma, which he does. He fails to correct her when she assumes that it’s just the two of them and a big ass turkey.

Taking Stephanie’s advice, Leah tries to go about being a great doctor. She updates and tries to comfort the babysitter about the little girl, but the young woman is inconsolable. She is worried that the little girl’s parents are going to blame her for the accident. When Leah tries to contest, the babysitter tells her that there is always someone who gets blamed. Since she’s the one on the outside, it’s bound to be her. The words fall on Leah like golf ball sized hail in a thunderstorm.

Stephanie is really bummed that Meredith Grey is angry at her, so she seeks out Jackson who gives her a pep talk. She in turn tells him about the invitation to April’s wedding.

Alex and Jo finally have a little time along to snorgle and drool over each other. He tells her that she’s invited to Thanksgiving at Meredith’s but she declines the invite so she can stay at the hospital. Alex doesn’t want to go if Jo can’t make it, so he suggests a rotisserie chicken in the car, perhaps followed by some holiday banging. (OK, I added that last part.)


The husband of the cancer patient tells his wife that he went ahead and told Stan about her condition. She’s very upset because she’s been using whatever energy she has left in an attempt to spare him pain. Later, Stephanie gets the husband alone. He tells her that he and his wife were happy for a long time. Then one day they weren’t. They decided to find passion outside their marriage, but loved each other and stayed companions. He’s worried about Stan because they both love his wife and know how hard it will be for both of them to lose her. It’s kind of nice to see polyamory presented in such a positive way here.

Derek finally has a serious conversation with Owen about Bailey and the OCD. When Owen decides to pull Bailey off the surgical floor, Ben knows that he really messed things up for her. When he sees Bailey, Ben admits to telling Derek. She is beyond furious. Not just furious. Betrayed.

Meredith and Cristina get into the mix about the printer. Meredith explains that she will lose her funding if this part of the trial goes kaput. Cristina asks her to follow her and shows her the baby in need of the conduit. Cristina explains that this is about little baby, not her. Little Nathan is real, not some study. Meredith calls shenanigans, saying that just because she’s a mother doesn’t mean she can’t reason. She accuses Cristina of screwing with her study because she’s so obsessed with her own success and glory.

When Emma stops by to visit Owen, he drops the news that instead of cooking for four, she’ll be cooking for closer to sixteen. The boiled potatoes on this guy! In his defense, he offers to slice, dice, chop and mash anything she tells him to. He tries to disseminate how Emma would feel about Cristina being there. She’s remarkably cool about it, which leads me to believe she’ll be gone in a few episodes. She reminds him though that while she may be cooking, it’s Meredith and Derek’s house and they are the ones he should be asking.



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