“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.1-2): “I Don’t Dance in My Underwear Anymore”

Cristina runs into Owen on her way out to relieve Derek of Zola and Callie duty. He offers to help, but she tells him goodnight. At the MerDer mansion, Cristina empties the dishwasher but reminds Derek and Callie that she doesn’t cook. The doorbell rings and Cristina opens the door to crying Arizona.  She wants to see Sophia for a few minutes, but Callie tells her that she can see her child tomorrow. Arizona begs, but Callie is resolute and angry. Cristina steps in to diffuse the situation, and show a little mercy toward Arizona. She takes Sophia and puts her in Arizona’s arms. Arizona takes her daughter onto the porch to say goodnight. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

We never realize the true toll that our decisions will have. There are two reasons why people cheat. They are looking for a way out, or a way in. A way out of their heads, out of stagnant or hurtful relationships, out of pain and resentment. Into passion, into a piece of themselves they had locked away, into chaos. Arizona, who has lost so much through no fault of her own, now faces losing everything because of one bad decision. Callie, through this heartbreak, is realizing how much of her own self has been lost along the way.  What do you do when one day you wake up to realize that your life is just in pieces, right there in the palm of your hand. This will not be an easy road to recovery for either of them as individuals or as a couple. It won’t be easy for fans either. Stock up on wine.


In Richard’s room, Catherine, Bailey, Cristina and Meredith sit vigil. Catherine wants to bring in a specialist from another hospital but Meredith tells Catherine to chill out. For the first time, Meredith refers to Richard as family, and his eyes begin to flutter and open. He tells us via voiceover, that in spite of many mistake and wrong calls in his life, he was right about Meredith.


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