“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.1-2): “I Don’t Dance in My Underwear Anymore”


The WORST interns have turned to drink to come up with nice stories about Heather. They instead end up telling stories about themselves. All except Ross, because he is being torn apart inside. He does however, want a drink.

Speaking of needing a drink, Arizona and Callie are having it out at Meredith and Derek’s. There are emotional punches flying. Callie calls Dr. Boswell a whore and reminds Arizona she had to convince her to want to have a baby in the first place. Arizona counters with the fact that she had to convince Callie to marry her. Callie says yes, she hesitated because she knew it would be a huge mistake. Really, the only winner here is Derek, who has taken the children outside to look at the stars. Even my ovaries exploded at his adorableness.


The drunken interns (still the worst) are now laughing and watching Stephanie perform her scholarship winning cheerleading routine. Just as she slides into the splits, Heather’s mother comes in looking for her daughter.

Bailey and Owen are elbow deep in Richard’s abdomen, when they finally find the necrotic tissue. Bailey is over the moon that her gut was right.


April tries to talk to Jackson about looooove and stuff, but he snaps at her. He then proceeds to lay it all out on the table. April is indecisive and selfish, wanting only what she can’t have. She threw his love away and he doesn’t want to be part of this merry-go-round anymore. She cries that he is unfair, but in his anger is a healthy dose of the truth.

The interns keep Mrs. Brooks company, talking and engaging her while they wait for Derek to deliver the news. When he does, they stay by her side.  Stephanie checks on Sharpie Lady who tells her about her house. She will have to rebuild it now that it is destroyed. Stephanie asks why she just doesn’t move, but Sharpie Lady has found her place there among the other misfits on the mountain. It hits close to home for Stephanie, who realizes that she and her fellow interns are misfits who need to stick together too.


As Mrs. Brooks empties out her daughter’s locker, the interns tell her stories. They substitute Heather for other people like George, and themselves, hoping to give her mother some sense that Heather was loved. Ross can barely contain his sorrow and Mrs. Brooks embraces him as tears roll down his face.


April finds Matthew and pulls him into the chapel. She launches into the most convoluted explanation of her feelings, then asks him to marry her. He inexplicable picks her up and sweeps her off her feet. I’m so confused.


Arizona and Callie meet up in private, where Arizona apologizes for calling Callie a baby snatcher. Callie lets Arizona know that she and Sophia will not be returning home and that they will have to work out a temporary custody situation until a more permanent one can be arranged. Arizona looks like she’s been tossed out of heaven as Callie walks away.

Bailey finally has a moment to breathe and calls her darling husband Ben to speak to his voicemail. Derek tells the interns to go home and rest but Ross rushes toward to rig to help at the pile. The other interns call to him, but Stephanie leaps up because they are each other ‘s people. They all walk toward the ambulance together.

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