“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.1-2): “I Don’t Dance in My Underwear Anymore”

Part Two 

Meredith, Cristina and Alex stand around Meredith’s room, waiting for news on Richard and Brooks. They are the only three left from their original group of interns and the bond between the three of them is palpable. They are doing what they always do to cope with tragedy. They joke. Cristina and Alex tease Meredith that maybe Richard really is her real father after all, a fact she disputes. Meanwhile, Jackson waits for his mother and Richard’s girlfriend, Catherine Avery, to arrive. He fills her in on Richard’s condition and she flies into a rage that he has been taken in for an exploratory surgery. Catherine busts into the operating room as Owen and Bailey meticulously comb through Richards organs searching for necrosis. Catherine bangs on the glass like some kind of Benjamin Braddock, trying to stop the surgery. It works because now Bailey is too distracted and upset to proceed.


Unfortunately, in the midst of everything, Brooks dies on Shepherd’s table. Ross is overcome with guilt and grief and takes off running. Leah watches as they cover Brooks’ body. Now that she has passed, they have begun calling her by her first name, Heather.


Everyone is in shock and mourning Heather, even the residents. Derek looks distraught, eyes red with tears as he stops by to see Meredith. Callie sits, twisting her wedding ring as Arizona tries to start a conversation about Heather. What Arizona really wants to do however, is process. Callie is having none of it and tells her, not now.


April has a run in with her mortified fiancé, Matthew. He tries to give her an out, saying he knows it’s hard to turn down a guy in front of a hundred people. April, as usual, has her head and her feelings planted firmly up her ass. Now that’s a diagnosis I can get behind.

Arizona returns home, hoping to talk to finally talk to Callie. What she finds is a ransacked apartment. She races from room to room in a panic as the realization sets in that Callie has taken her clothes and Sophia and left her alone. She screams Callie’s name, and it’s all so terribly sad.


Owen and Catherine fight in the hallway about Bailey and the surgery. He stands by Bailey but Catherine lays into her nonetheless. Bailey shrinks under her torrent and uncertainty sets in. Derek asks one of the interns to stay with Heather’s mother when she arrives, and tells her stories about her daughter until he gets back to deliver the bad news. Because they are all THE WORST, none of them want to. Jo makes the executive decision that all of them will stay to torture us throughout the episode. At the same time, Callie comes in to Meredith’s room with her packed bag and Sophia. She tells that that she’ll be staying at a hotel, but Meredith has other plans.

Derek arrives home with Zola to find a sobbing Callie on his couch. She apologizes and fumbles about, and he laments not reading the recent text messages from his wife.


While Bailey and Meredith discuss turning over power of attorney to Catherine, Owen and Cristina discuss their last sexy times. Owen doesn’t think it was on par with their previous exploits and it’s a real shame to let it end that way. Never wanting to be anything less that A+, Cristina takes him into the on call room for a do me over.

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