“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.1-2): “I Don’t Dance in My Underwear Anymore”


Arizona is doing a bang up job….too soon? Anyway, she’s sewing up that liver like nobody’s business, which impresses Leah. Callie rolls her eyes but decides to clarify that yes, Arizona is indeed an excellent general surgeon even if she is a terrible wife at the moment.


Yang and Bailey are still arguing about what to do for Richard when Owen steps in. He suggests they find his healthcare paperwork and see what he would want them to do. It turns out that Richard made Meredith his power of attorney after Adele died. He failed to mention it to her however.

Derek and Ross are tending to Brooks whose brain is bleeding all over the place. The interns, who I will affectionately refer to as, THE WORST when they are in a gaggle, watch from the observation room. They are being snarky and overall terrible and I’m over them. Brooks, you were the best one.  Why?!!!!


Yang and Bailey continue to argue about the best course of treatment and Meredith makes a call. If his lactic levels go up any further, then Bailey needs to take him into surgery. Alex, knowing that they need more blood makes an announcement to the first responders that they are having an impromptu blood drive. It’s a hit. Not only will it get them some much needed blood, it may stop them all from putting themselves in harms way again. A fireman approaches Stephanie offering to give blood, and she asks him about Crown Molding’s house. He informs her that Crown Molding was the one who was triaging all the injured first responders. Crown Molding is now Sharpie Lady, and a hero! Stephanie feels like a total ass. Good.

In Meredith’s room, Callie is tenderly holding little Bailey. She tells Meredith the story of when Richard caught her dancing in her underwear. I recall that moment fondly as well. They laugh but Callie’s face falls as a wave of revelation washes over her.  She doesn’t dance in her underwear anymore. It’s one of the most telling things Callie has ever said. Somewhere along the road in Callie’s journey, she lost that piece of her. The piece that makes her uniquely Callie. It’s a hard pill for all of us to swallow.


Right then, Bailey comes in to tell Meredith the Richard’s labs are back and his levels are rising. Meredith tells them to go get him into an ER.

While the other interns are tending to patients, Leah lagged behind to watch Derek work on Brooks.  She comes to let them know that things are bad and that if Brooks survives, it will be with major motor deficits. For once, the interns take a moment to think about someone other than themselves.

Jo and Alex decide to give it a go because nothing amps up a libido like unspeakable tragedy. Jo can’t go through with it though and leaves. They bump into Arizona on the way out who confides her feelings in the one person she can. Alex Karev. She’s mortified by Callie’s announcement of her infidelity but has been working on a little speech to explain herself. It even has a cute little ortho analogy. Alex suggests that perhaps she should just admit she was wrong and beg for forgiveness. Arizona agrees that might be the best course of action.


Stephanie goes to check on Sharpie Lady who is now in distress. Also in distress is the policewoman with the neck wound. Jackson comes to her with news that her laceration is infected with flesh eating bacteria. Her wound is all green now and they rush her to surgery. See this is why I don’t like to swim in lakes, wear flip-flops through puddles, or leave my house.

Chief Lenny’s wife arrives at the hospital and April greets her, along with his whole fire company. They stand by and honor her as she walks in to see her husband one last time. Owen and Bailey take Richard into surgery, hoping to find the source of his rising lactic levels.


Cristina stands looking out the window of Meredith’s room.  Meredith asks her if she made the right decision and Cristina says yes.  Meredith is unconvinced so she asks her again. Cristina looks her best friend in the eye and says she made the right decision. Now, because of that decision, Owen and Bailey begin to cut into Richard.

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