“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.1-2): “I Don’t Dance in My Underwear Anymore”

Jo, Alex and Owen are working on a first responder and notice that he has been triaged, old school with a sharpie. Owen is impressed, because he is Owen. He announced to the doctors and nurses to check for sharpie vitals taken at the scene, as they may very well save some lives. Arizona gets the memo, and she and Intern Leah attempt to stabilize a first responder’s pelvis. Leah whines and doesn’t put her back into it. Why send a girl to do a women’s job, Arizona? Callie’s ortho senses must have been tingling, or perhaps it was just rage. Either way, she comes to the rescue and helps Arizona set the guys pelvis. Callie decides that the man needs surgery for a liver laceration, and asks for Bailey. Arizona acts wounded because she’s a general surgeon and can do it, but Callie wants none of her and her face, and her bouncy hair, and betrayal.


The woman who was pulled from the mountain mudslide keeps asking anyone who will listen about her house. For this, she gets the nickname, Crown Molding. In another room, the fire chief is struggling to breathe. April Kepner inserts a chest tube and what comes out surprises everyone. Intern Stephanie gets sprayed with poop water, and we find out the chief’s colon has been pushed into his chest. (I didn’t even know that could happen!) He needs to be rushed to surgery. Owen sends Stephanie to find Bailey so she can take over the ER.  Bailey can’t help Owen though because she’s about to go into surgery with Callie. Richard is still missing so Ross is sent to find him.  When Ross gets to the generator room, he finds Heather Brooks and Richard unconscious and in serious condition. They are wheeled through the ER as everyone looks on, horrified. Brooks begins to have massive seizures and Derek takes over her care, while Cristina and Bailey work on Richard.


Callie preps for surgery and Leah is there to assist. Callie recognizes that Brooks was her fellow intern and offers her more time, but Leah insists it’s not needed. Arizona then arrives, much to Callie’s chagrin. Bailey is working on Richard so they are stuck together. Arizona tries to speak but Callie cuts her off reminding her of the mess she has made. Arizona wants to put it all aside for the time being, but apparently she hasn’t figured out how Callie ticks even after years of being together.


While Cristina and Bailey are working on Richard, Alex delivers his labs. Bailey doesn’t like Richard’s lactic levels, and sends Alex to re-run them. Neck laceration policewoman finds another first responder and thinks she recognizes what she believes is her fiancé’s handwriting on his leg. Alex rushes into Meredith’s room to tell her they need blood and fast.  She insists that he pick up her baby. When he does, he calms down and tells her what’s really happening with Richard and Brooks.


In surgery, Owen and April are working on the fire chief but he is far worse off than they thought.  They get a call letting Owen know that Cristina is threading a balloon into Richard’s heart. In the ER, Cristina asks Bailey to talk to her as she performs the delicate procedure. Bailey gives her words of encouragement and it’s a success. They manage to buy him more time. Bailey is in tears and insists that Yang give her a hug, which she reluctantly reciprocates.


Stephanie is checking on Crown Molding, who keeps interrupting her exam to ask about her house. Stephanie has just about enough, and puts the smack down on all of this house talk. How’s your vision now, lady!?  Alex returns with Richard’s labs and Bailey decides to book an ER for Richard so she can explore his abdomen. Cristina says that his heart can’t take the surgery and they go into a little power play about who is who’s boss. It’s kinda sexy.  In non-sexy news, Derek and Ross prepare to operate on Brooks, who has a massive brain bleed. Ross is in a silent spiral of guilt and Derek tells him to buck up if he wants to do the surgery. He does. Alex finds neck laceration policewoman’s fiancé, muddy but not too worse for wear. Lenny the fire chief is however, and despite Owen’s attempts to resuscitate him, dies on the table. The firemen are notified and many tears are shed.

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