“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “These Arms of Mine”

To ensure Baby Bieber’s trachea is grown properly Alex is literally living in the hospital to tend to it. Meredith and Cristina talk to the camera and Cristina is asked if she is treated differently since the surgery. Cristina gets all choked up and says she’s not a super surgeon. She says she’s not a hero. Cristina tells us, “I don’t have super surgical powers.” 

Meredith holds Cristina’s hand and says she is a hero to her. Cristina asks Meredith to stop talking and Meredith lets go of Cristina’s hand and asks the camera to stop taping.

Four weeks later, the camera crew checks back in with Seattle Grace Hospital and its staff. The security equipment has been removed from the hospital, Mr. No arms is now Mr. Two-Arms. Mr. Two-Arms added a “thank you” tattoo underneath the Nicole tattoo on his forearm.

Baby Bieber shows off her trachea scar from where they put the tube in last time she visited the hospital. She’s back to have the trachea inserted into her belly so it can grow larger. Baby Bieber tells the camera crew that she wanted to be a rock star but since Alex is so cool she might want to be a doctor now.

Baby Bieber takes Alex to her 4th grade class as a show-and-tell project. Be careful Alex! The last time you got involved with a patient, she was married and didn’t even have her own face.

Callie and Arizona are packing up for Africa … together. That’s right they are both moving to Africa. Wait, what? NOOOOO!

Don’t get me wrong I’m super happy they are staying together but … Africa? Why can’t they just move to Sammamish instead?

Mandy Moore is still in hospital because she never woke up from the surgery. She’s in a coma and has no brain activity. Her organs are now failing and Bailey has to tell her husband that there is little they can do now. Mandy Moore is taken off of life support and dies. Bailey declines a follow up interview with the camera crew and I Google Mandy Moore just to make sure she is still OK. Yes, she’s fine.

Cristina takes a seat in front of the camera, this time alone. Maybe she’ll be less nervous and more focused to talk now that her “soul mate” isn’t sitting next to her and holding her soft, luscious hand …

Cristina says every day since the shooting is a gift. She believes she and all the doctors are blessed; blessed to be alive and blessed to save lives everyday.  

The camera crew asks her, “What will you take away from all this? Cristina replies, “Being a hero has its price.”

That’s it y’all. Calzona is currently on a plane flying to Africa. 

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