“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “These Arms of Mine”


Lexi’s security card identification card still doesn’t work. I always thought she looked better as a blonde anyway. 

Baby Bieber needs to have a CAT scan but she can’t take her iPod into the CAT scan machine with her. To make Baby Bieber feel better Alex sings a Justin Bieber song over the intercom. More proof that this is the gayest Grey’s episode to date!

While Meredith and Cristina are prepping a patient, Cristina cops out of the surgery. She claims she’s going to wait for the next surgery to come in but instead she goes off to hide out in an exam room.

Alex has Baby Bieber’s labs and goes to deliver them to Arizona. Alex walks in on Callie and Arizona arguing. Callie yells at Arizona, “I thought we were happy.” Alex offers to come back later but Callie storms out and says, “Whatever, we’re done anyway.”

Callie tells the camera that she understands that Arizona’s grant is an incredible opportunity. But if the tables were turned Callie would turn the grant down and wouldn’t even consider leaving the country and her sweet Arizona. Callie didn’t actually say Arizona’s name, but it’s totally implied. 

Baby Bieber receives a tremendously bad diagnosis. If Arizona operates then Baby Bieber will most likely die and if she doesn’t operate then Baby Bieber will most likely die. Arizona is heading to Africa and now an innocent child must die? Shondra Rhimes, what is going on in your warped mind? Do you need a hug? I do.

Owen and Callie are prep to cut off the Donorcyclist’s arms. Callie explains to April that she must tag all the arm’s arteries to know which ones to connect to Mr. No-Arm’s arties. Let the arm chopping begin!

Meanwhile, Lexie is once again trying to get through security with no luck. She runs past security and the alarms go off. The hospital is now on locked down.

Thanks a lot Lexie! The hospital doors are locked and some of the doctors and patients are trapped. Avery is stuck between a small corridor and his patient starts to code. Teddy tries to calm Avery down by coaching him through the glass doors. But Avery is in the zone doing compressions on the patient’s chest and screaming that he needs to get out of the locked hallway. Teddy races around and finally finds a security guard. She screams at the security guard to override the alarm system or else she’ll report him. (Then she tells him to meet her in the cafeteria at 3 pm. I’m kidding!)

The alarm system eventually gets shut off and Teddy rushes in to help Avery. Avery has been traumatized again and can’t stop performing compressions on the patient.

Avery later addresses the camera and admits that he’s had a difficult time since the shootings.

The double arm transplant surgery is well underway. The first arm attaches without a hitch and then doctors begin to work on the second arm. McSteamy thinks this is an appropriate time to talk to Callie about her relationship with Arizona, in front of their peers, interns and a camera crew. McSteamy tells Callie that it’s not a big deal if Arizona moves to Africa. He advises Callie to just hop on a plane and visit her.

I just did a random search of flights from Seattle, Washington to Cape Town, South Africa (Arizona didn’t say which city in Africa so my guess is Cape Town) and it can take up to 27 hours and 40 minutes to get there and coach class tickets start at $1351 before taxes. When did I become Calzona’s personal travel agent?

Callie tells McSteamy that she doesn’t want to talk about her relationship in the OR. And I release Callie’s flight to Cape Town, which I put on hold a moment ago.

Oh no, there is a problem with the second arm! Lexie goes to the waiting room and tells Mr. No-Arm’s wife that the second arm has a blood clot. The wife says, one arm is better than none. Someone majored in math! Callie works diligently to fix the second arm and get rid of that damn blood clot. Callie yells for everyone to just shut up so she can think. Then Callie waves her lesbian magic wand and voila, the arm is restored!

Arizona and Alex are fighting for Baby Bieber’s life and come up with a possible solution. They are going to use Baby Bieber’s own cells to grow her a new trachea! Why didn’t I think of that?

Bailey finishes operating on Mandy Moore and she says that the surgery was “textbook.” Bailey is feeling so good about her work that she decides to take the night off, go out, have a drink and a do few keg stands. (Ok, I added the keg stand part.)

Derek, McSteamy, Owen and Callie are at the bar toasting themselves for their amazing and ground breaking surgery (Although that ground has already been broken.)

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