“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “These Arms of Mine”

Mandy tells Bailey that since her last visit to Seattle Grace Hospital she and her husband have traveled the world. The mass shootings made her realize that life is too short. Mandy whispers to the camera crew that after the surgery is over she wants to have lots and lots of babies.

While Bailey works with Mandy then the hospital’s security alarm goes off and is screeching throughout the building. Bailey tries to calm Mandy down by saying it’s just a false alarm. It’s OK Mandy Moore, just sing a couple of bars of Candy and you’ll be fine.

The Chief admits to the camera crew that the hospital’s security system has a few kinks but he believes everyone feels better with its presence. There is a knock at the Chief’s office door and Arizona pops her cute little perfect blonde head in the door. She sees the camera and offers to come back later. The Chief gets up and congratulations Arizona because she has been awarded the Carter Madison grant. Yippee!!! What does that mean?

Then Arizona tells Teddy about her grant and Teddy gives her a big hug. Yippee, ok, what does the grant mean? Arizona tells the camera crew that she applied for the grant two years ago, when she was single. Then the camera crew shows a beautiful shot of Callie and Arizona walking, holding hands and kissing as they enter the hospital. I love me some Calzona! And cheese calzones with marinara sauce. Mmmm … Damn it! Why did I have to start Weight Watchers today?

Arizona says the grant is bigger than she is and it’s an opportunity of a lifetime therefore she’s accepting the grant. Then Arizona drops the bombshell, “That just means I’m moving to Africa.” WHAT?

Dear Shondra Rhimes,

For seven seasons I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy religiously.  In that time you have put me and the Seattle Grace staff through so much trauma and pain. 

Meredith and Cristina both had a miscarriages, Callie was homeless and living in the hospital, George O’Malley was killed, Izzy had sex with a ghost and got cancer, Lexie broke McSteamy’s penis, Cristina was left at the altar by Burke, Dr. Erica Hahn vanished without a trace with no closure to her storyline, Bailey performed surgery on a Nazi, Derek was shot and almost died, Lexie’s mother died from the hiccups, George’s father died, Meredith’s mother died and you even added April to the cast! 

And how could I forget that Seattle Grace flooded, there was a bomb located inside of a patient and of course the terrifying mass murder in which 11 doctors were killed. 

There has been so much sadness and so many traumatic storylines that have occurred on Grey’s Anatomy over the last seven seasons. I have stuck by the show through thick and thin but I won’t let you take away my Jessica Capshaw. Do you hear me?  I won’t let you take my baby!


Mr. No-Arms and his wife are excited about the upcoming surgery. (Probably because of that whole “wiping the butt” situation.) While prepping the Donorcyclist’s arms for surgery, Lexie notices something and asks Callie to come over to review it. The Donorcyclist has the name “Nicole” tattooed on his arm.

Callie and McSteamy are concerned that Mr. No-Arms will now not want the arms because he’ll have to see the name Nicole (the donor’s wife name) for the rest of his life. If I had no arms I would have no problem dealing with a little tattoo. Especially if the wife was hot! I’d take Bill Clinton’s arms any day.

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