“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “These Arms of Mine”

Alex checks in on a young female patient who is blasting Justin Bieber music throughout the hallway. Let’s refer to her as Baby Bieber. Alex asks Baby Bieber to lower her music, “The rest of us don’t have Bieber fever. Whatever that means.”  I think we all know what that means Alex.

Mandy Moore is back playing Mary Portman. Mandy was in the hospital the day of the shooting. Bailey was supposed to perform her surgery but never got the chance, so Mandy is back at Seattle Grace to get it over with once and for all. If I were Mandy Moore I would never go back to Seattle Grace again. I would also never have agreed to do the movie Chasing Liberty. Mandy, I have a bad feeling about this so here is a list of other hospitals in and around the Seattle area for you to consider as an alternative to Seattle Grace.

Bailey sees Mandy and gives her a hug.  Bailey says she doesn’t usually hug her patients, but she’s a huge fan of the song "Candy."

In pediatrics, Baby Bieber’s airways are blocked and Arizona and Alex fight to save her life. Baby Bieber has a growth on her windpipe and even though it has been treated before, it keeps growing back. Lily cries and then I start to cry. Am I starting to like children? False alarm! I just had some glitter in my contact leftover from last weekend’s Halloween party.

The arm donor’s wife has to come to the hospital to sign paperwork to allow the doctors to take her husband’s extremities. The arm donor was in a motorcycle accident, which his wife refers to as a “donorcycle” accident. Wow, that’s grim. My wife knows she is no longer allowed to even think about that Honda Rebel she keeps mentioning. Donorcycle’s wife cries and says she wants to help but she is upset at the thought of someone else holding her husband’s hand. Creepy.

McSteamy talks to the camera crew about Derek. McSteamy tells them that he and McDreamy grew up together, they both slept with Addison Shepherd, (OK, he didn’t mention Addison. Am I the only one who’s still not over that betrayal?) and that Derek is his better half. First Meredith and her “good friend” Cristina and now this! This episode is super gay!

Apparently there has only been one successful bilateral arm transplant in the world, and McSteamy and Derek are ready to be the second. Derek and McSteamy brag to the camera about their medical brilliance and refer to themselves as “titans.” The camera moves over to Callie and we see her roll her eyes. I love her.

Mr. No Arms lost his arms four year ago working as a logger. His wife tells the doctors and the camera crew has to do a lot for her armless husband, like wipe his dirty butt. Shondra Rhimes, Do we really need that visual?

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