“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “That’s Me Trying”


Callie and Arizona walk through the airport with their carry on bags in hand. Callie is talking non-stop about the lack of things to do in Africa.  Arizona suddenly stops walking, and Callie turns to her and asks if she forgot her passport. She didn’t.

Arizona says, “I won the Carter Madison Grant!” Callie looks at Arizona like she’s thinking, “Duh! That’s why we’re going to Malawi.”

Arizona: Do you know how rare that is? Do you know how special that is? This is the biggest opportunity of my professional career! I get to change lives. That’s the dream. I am living the dream. I am over the moon about it or I would be but you are ruining it for me. First with your whining and now with your fake passive aggressive enthusiasm. You are ruining Africa for me!
Callie: I’m not.
Arizona: You are!
Callie: Ok, fine I don’t want to Africa. Ok? But I do want to be with you. Ok, so I’m really trying here. We’re going to miss our plane, let’s go!

Callie walks towards the plane but Arizona stands in place. Callie turns around again.

Callie: Oh my God. OK, you wanna fight. The flight is 18 hours, we can fight on the plane.
Arizona: You’re ruining this for me. And I don’t want to do this.
Callie: What does that mean? You suddenly don’t want to go?
Arizona: I don’t want to go to Africa with you.
Callie: Arizona. No, OK. No.
Arizona: I’m sorry.
Callie: You’re sorry? It’s three years!
Arizona: I’m going to miss my plane. You take care of yourself.

Arizona walks past Callie and Callie starts to tear up. Callie turns and screams “No” towards Arizona.

Callie: No! No! Please. Please, I can, we can, we can do this. We can figure this out.
Arizona: You stay here and be happy. And I’ll go there and be happy.
Callie: If you get on that plane, if you go without me we are done. Do you hear me? We are over.
Arizona: We’re standing in the middle of an airport screaming at each other. We’re already over.

Then Arizona turns and walks toward her plane and part of my soul dies.

At this point, I would usually write a fake letter to Shonda Rhimes and ask her why she is torturing Calzona’s faithful lesbian audience. But I know this isn’t the work of Shonda Rhimes. No, Shonda is not the one to blame. You know who’s to blame? Jessica Capshaw’s new baby girl Eve Augusta! Apparently Eve was so selfish she couldn’t stay inside of her mother’s womb until the Grey’s season was over and this “break up” storyline was created so Jessica could give birth to her. What a brat!

OK, obviously I’m kidding. Although I watched this airport breakup scene at least ten times, seriously ten. I’m not worried about the future of Calzona. All the couples on Grey’s go through this breakup get back together cycle. And there are two very important things to remember:

1. Arizona is a very popular character and there is NO way they would get rid of Jessica Capshaw.
2. It has been reported that Jessica Capshaw has already returned to the Grey’s set and is shooting more episodes.

So here’s my premonition on the future of Calzona:There will be a few weeks of Callie alone, missing Arizona and then she’ll have a How Stella Got Her Groove Back breakthrough and finally get back to her old ways. And just then Arizona is going to show up, surprise Callie and propose to her because she realized that she loves and needs Callie even more than she loves and needs the tiny humans in Malawi.

What are your predictions on Calzona’s future storyline? 

Ok, quickly, back to the rest of this episode, already in progress:

The Chief walks up to Cristina and congratulates her terrific work with Mr. Bad Lungs. Cristina thanks him and asks if she can speak with him for a moment.

At the local bar Alex tells April that he always wants to be on her team since she’s so aggressive. While Alex swigs his beer, April looks him up and down which tells me that Shonda Rhimes is going to have April lose her virginity to Alex in an upcoming episode. Did anyone else read that from April’s look? April should watch that episode in Season One in which George and a bunch of other interns were diagnosed with STDs and it all traced back to Alex. Why do women keep sleeping with him?

Meredith is at home in her bedroom and Derek walks in and sits down next to her. Meredith tells Derek that Cristina blames her for everything and hates her. Derek hugs Meredith.

Back at Seattle Grace, Owen is still working with Avery on his training. Cristina walks out of the hospital and Owen asks how her day was. Cristina says, “I quit. You were right. I can do it. I can still be a surgeon. I just don’t want to anymore.”

Owen is shocked and tells Avery he can stop working on the dummy. Cristina looks up at the night sky and gives a big sign of relief.

And I also let out a big sign of relief. What an eventful and emotional episode! OK ladies, what do you think is going to happen with Calzona?  And how long will it be before Cristina picks up her scalpel again?

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