“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “That’s Me Trying”

Cristina and Meredith hang out on the hospital’s roof waiting for Teddy and the new lungs to arrive via helicopter. Cristina tells Meredith to go back downstairs with the patient and Meredith says no, they have to talk. 

Cristina begins to cry and asks Meredith how she is doing fine after the shooting. Cristina tells her, “I am ruined, OK? I am dead.” 
Then Cristina drops the bombshell, “Why are you OK? You were there too. You were there too with your sad eyes. Screaming at me to save his life. You were telling the guy to shoot you and not giving a crap about yourself and your pregnancy. I didn’t have a choice and you did that.  If it were anyone else on the table, if it was anyone else standing there I would have walked away. I could have walked away and then I wouldn’t be here.”

Wow, Cristina blames Meredith for her PTSD.

Meredith and Cristina stare at each other in silence. Cristina has tears streaming down her face as the helicopter finally arrives. Teddy and Cristina walk into the hospital and get ready to operate on Mr. Bad Lungs and Meredith remains on the roof, alone.

Callie and McSteamy are locked arm in arm and are talking about how much they are going to miss each other. McSteamy hints that he has something to say to Callie. Callie nudges him to just say it. 

McSteamy: I give a lot of boob jobs.
Callie: Ok. Not where I thought you were going.
McSteamy: But I also reverse a lot of boob jobs. As your friend I gotta tell you, you sound a lot like someone who’s getting double Ds just cuz your girlfriend likes a big rack. By "big rack" I mean Africa.
Callie: I love her Mark.
McSteamy: I know you do. But you need to figure out how to love Africa too.

Then Callie gives McSteamy a big hug. So wait, Africa has big boobs? Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?  I’m going to Africa!

Owen threatens to drag Avery outside by the throat until he finishes his trauma training. Avery agrees to finish the training (not that he really had a choice). Are doctors allowed to physically threaten one another? Is that part of their "medical code”? I don’t remember Cliff Huxtable ever yelling at anyone, except Theo.

Before Teddy can give Mr. Bad Lungs his new lungs, she must take care of his failing heart. Mr. Bad Lungs’s heart starts beating normally again and Teddy says, “Nice work Dr. Yang. Well done.” Cristina sighs with relief.

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