“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “That’s Me Trying”

It’s time for Owen to check in on all his trauma teams. Blue teams goes first (shocker!).  April rattles off what is wrong which all of their dummies and how they have treated each of them. Owen says “wrong” and changes the game by adding additional symptoms to their patients causing complications and killing some of them. April screams, “That’s not fair!” Life isn’t fair April!

Just then it starts to rain. Well it is Seattle, what do you expect? 

Bailey is dissecting Mandy Moore while the pathologist chews gum and argues on the phone with a restaurant hostess. Bailey keeps trying to find signs of what could have killed Mandy and the pathologist keeps telling her that everything looks normal.

McSteamy listens to Callie rant about the “big plans” that the Chief might have had for her. Callie says she has big plans of her own. She’s going to make unbreakable joints out of blood diamonds (don’t tell Naomi Campbell) and artificial limbs out of elephant ivory. McSteamy says that’s not a good idea and he’s pretty sure it’s illegal. When did McSteamy start following the rules?

April, Alex and Avery struggle in the rain as the green team of doctors (that we don’t know or care about) finish and get their trauma certification. Only the blue team (full of our doctors) and the red team (full of random actors) remain in the game.

Meredith speaks to Mr. Bad Lungs’s daughter, who pleads for her father’s life. She doesn’t want her last word to him to have been unkind. Meredith races back to Cristina and sees that Mr. Bad Lungs isn’t doing well. Well his name is “Mr. Bad Lungs,” what do they expect?

Bailey is still digging inside Mandy Moore and pulling organs out of her body. The pathologist decides to break for lunch and Bailey tries to stop her. The pathologist is insistent that she eat her PB & J and leaves Bailey alone with the Mandy’s dismantled body. Then Bailey breaks into a version of “Candy.” Ok, that didn’t happen, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it did?

Lexie and McSteamy debate the importance of their patient’s upcoming butt implant. Lexie thinks the patient wants the surgery for all the wrong reasons. What exactly are the “right reasons” for getting a butt implant?

Their butt patient, Christy, explains to Lexie and McSteamy that she’s getting a “big, juicy, easy to grab onto ass” solely for herself. Christy is tired of not being able to fit into a pair of jeans unless she shops in the boys department. Um, my wife’s jeans are from the boys department.

Owen announces that only team that has still not completed the trauma training is the blue team. An annoyed April pretends to hear the imaginary helicopter so they can finish up the exercise. Avery says, “Screw this” and gets up and walks back into the hospital. Owen calls after him and tells him to come back and Avery says “No, sir.”

Back in the morgue, Bailey and the pathologist bicker about Mandy Moore’s inconclusive autopsy. The pathologist removes Mandy’s brain and insists it needs to soak for two weeks. Bailey doesn’t want to wait that long and immediately opens a bottle of Chianti and a can of fava beans. (Get it?) The pathologist tells Bailey that she knows how to do her job and that Bailey should stop questioning her.

Meredith goes to check in on Cristina and Mr. Bad Lungs. Cristina says that patient is stable but she can’t go outside and give an update to his daughter. Cristina reveals that she’s scared all the time when she’s working. Meredith says she can help her and Cristina snaps at her, “You can’t help me!”

Callie and Arizona walk into the doctor’s lounge and into their surprise going away party. Arizona glows with joy while Callie complains about how small the turn out is, with only Lexie, McSteamy, and the Chief there to send them off.

Callie walks up to the Chief and asks about his “big plans” that he had for her. The Chief says he doesn’t want to give his secrets away and then leaves the jumping party. Arizona (being perfect and adorable as always) tells Callie that the Chief is just messing with her head with talk of these imaginary “big plans.” Callie picks up a cupcake and eats the top off and says, “Well, I’ll never know. Will I?”

Arizona thanks McSteamy and Lexie for the party and excuses herself so she can go home and finish packing. Callie turns to Lexie and McSteamy and says she doesn’t want to go home yet. (Who wouldn’t want to go home with Jessica Capshaw? A crazy person, that’s who!)

McSteamy gives Callie an alternative option, “You want to see us give a woman a really big ass?” To which Callie responds the only way one could, “Oh my God, yes!”

Alex and April are still outside in the rain doing compressions on their dummies. A soaked April looses it and picks up the dummies and starts loading them into the ambulance. Owen yells at her that she’s not allowed to use the ambulance but she must wait for the helicopter to save them. April doesn’t care and gets in the passenger seat and drives the dummies around to the other side of the hospital. She gets out and starts dragging the dummies in the hospital like she’s a Neanderthal.

Owen gives up and says that the blue teams "wins” the competition. I’m
not really sure how they “won” since the other teams finished hours
earlier. Anyway, the blue team gets their trauma certification and
April jumps for joy and hugs Alex. (Is that sexual foreshadowing between
April and Alex? I really hope not.) 

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