“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “That’s Me Trying”

Cristina checks in on Mr. Bad Lungs and his daughter walks in to see him. Cristina backs away to give Mr. Bad Lungs and his daughter a minute to speak alone and Mr. Bad Lungs immediately goes into cardiac arrest. And I thought I had issues with my dad.

Cristina freezes in her tracks as some random no-faced nurses rush in to help Mr. Bad Lungs. Mr. Bad Lung’s daughter snaps at Cristina, “Aren’t you the doctor? Do something!” Hey, don’t yell at Cristina! To quote Kathy Griffin, "I don’t come to your job and slap the d–ks out of your mouth!"

It turns out that Mr. Bad Lungs not only needs two new lungs, he also needs a heart transplant. Someone is becoming an organ glutton!

McSteamy stops Bailey in the hallway and invites her to the going away party he’s planning for Callie and Arizona. McSteamy hints that he also needs Bailey to stop what she’s doing in order to go pick up the cupcakes for the party. Needless to say, that is not going to happen. The “Nazi” doesn’t do errands for anyone. I on the other hand, am always available to pickup cupcakes.

Callie is in a medical closet packing up some office supplies (actually it looks like she’s stealing the supplies) and Arizona walks in and shows off all the artwork that her young patients made for her to say goodbye. Callie scoffs at Arizona’s paper hat and says that gauze is more important then artwork made of macaroni. At least Arizona didn’t steal the macaroni artwork! Quick Callie hide your thievery, the Chief is coming.

The Chief interrupts Calzona’s conversation and tells them they will both do great work in Malawi although he is upset that he’ll have to replace both of them. Callie’s eyes widen at the idea of being replaced. Then the Chief turns to Callie and says, “It’s a shame Torres. I had such big plans for you. Big plans.” The Chief walks off and Callie’s wheels immediately begin to turn. What could these “big plans” be? I vote for a life size Callie statue placed in the cafeteria. No wait, not the cafeteria, that’s Teddy’s turf.

Bailey is in the morgue with pathologist Dr. Stanley (no relation to the vacuum.) They are preparing to do an autopsy on Mandy Moore. Last week, Mandy died unexpectedly, but her music still lives on. Bailey feels guilty and wants to know what exactly went wrong and killed Mandy.

Outside at the trauma lab, the blue team composed of Avery, April, Meredith and Alex (hey, what are the odds that they main characters on this show are all on the same team?) are trying to save their dummies’ lives. April can’t figure out what’s wrong with her dummy and Meredith tells her that’s because the dummy that she’s working on is already dead. (I could have told her that.)

Owen looks on at his students and sees Cristina standing in the parking
lot, staring into space. Owen walks over to Cristina and sees that
she’s visibly shaken up. He asks about her patient, Mr. Bad Lungs, and
she says she’s “handling it.” Then her beeper goes off and Cristina
walks away. Owen stops her and says, “Cristina, you can do this.”
Cristina says she knows she can. Owen calls Meredith over and tells her
she’s certificated in trauma training so she can therefore leave the
program and go inside help Cristina with her patient. 

Meredith goes to help Cristina but Cristina doesn’t want her help. She tells Meredith to leave and go update Mr. Bad Lung’s daughter about her father’s status.

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