“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Something’s Gotta Give”


April walks into the house warming party and is hysterical. She races over to Avery to be consoled. Owen looks for Cristina, who is hiding out on the roof with Derek with a bottle of wine. The wine is leftover from the Cherry Bomb set.

Dalila and her hubby look at their baby Lisa, who is A-OK and will most likely be a ping-pong prodigy.

Bailey is heartbroken over all the recent patient deaths. She tells the Chief that Cristina was the one resident that she didn’t have to worry about. 

Alex walks into Cristina’s party to be greeted by Avery’s fists. Avery punches Alex in the face like five times. Who knew Avery was so tough? Lexie puts ice on Avery’s hand and Meredith puts a damp cloth on Alex’s bloody lip. The Grey girls would make great recovery room nurses.

Alex tells Meredith that he went home to Iowa to see his brother who was being psychiatrically committed because he’s schizophrenic and tried to kill Alex’s 16-year-old sister. While he was home, he had to take care of his mother who is off her medication and not doing well. April is just another person who needs to be taken care of. 

On the roof of the firehouse, Cristina and Derek hide out and talk about redecorating their homes. Cristina finally says she has to go down to the party and mingle with her guest. Then Derek asks, “You good? Anything else you want to talk about?”

Tell him you’re scared to go back to the hospital but you desperately want to.
Tell him you want to divorce Owen but you don’t want to hurt his feelings.
Tell him you’re gay and in love with his wife!

Cristina responds, “What are you doing for bathroom tile?”

Cristina and Derek sit back down and continue talking about home décor and avoid the elephant in the room.

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