“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Something’s Gotta Give”


Cristina and Callie are celebrating at the housewarming party which means Cristina sits on the couch drinking wine (a glass of Red Diamond Shiraz she got from Dahlia) while Callie does all the work. Derek races into Cristina’s apartment and warns her that her friends and loved ones are planning an intervention to get her back into the medical program. (Which is actually a really nice thing.)  A shocked and cute bobbed-haired Callie stands in the background and finalizes arranging the apartment like a good lesbian. All Callie has to do now is re-tile the bathroom floor and hang the shelves in the bedroom.

Alex is napping in one of the on-call rooms and April wakes him up to tell him that possessed museum curator Janosz Poha is awful. To really prove her point, she sits on Alex’s bed and throws herself at him. Alex kisses April and then begins to undress her. And I start to scream out loud to the television, “Don’t do it, don’t do it!” Alex undresses April and she reminds him that she’s a virgin.

April: Can we please just go a little slower?  I need umm …
Alex: What? What do you need? What do you need from me? You wanna screw, let’s screw! You don’t then get out! I’m not going to hold your virgin hand and walk you threw it damnit! You’re not a child. I can’t take care of you. I can’t take care of everyone in this freaking place.

April, in her little pink bra, is shocked and silent. Alex realizes that he’s been an ass, yet again, and storms out of the room.

Even though I don’t particularly like April I’m glad she didn’t lose her virginity to Alex. Even April deserves better than that.

The head Secret Service guy goes to Teddy and tells her that the “secret patient” is already halfway across the country. The guard shakes her hand and asks her to join him in the cafeteria in one hour. Actually, he just leaves the hospital instead.

At Owen and Cristina’s housewarming party, McSteamy is acting as host since Cristina and Owen aren’t there yet. Once McSteamy sees Owen, he relinquishes his duties to him and finds the bar. Callie asks McSteamy if she can move in with him. She says she doesn’t want to be alone. McSteamy says yes, they can be roommates and he compliments her new haircut. (Please don’t sleep together in future episodes. PLEASE!!!)

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