“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Slow Night, So Long”

A drunken Cristina is still partying at the bar even though Joe fired her three hours earlier. Derek is drinking water at the bar and making sure that Cristina doesn’t go home with anyone.  If a few car-bomb shots is all it takes for Cristina to cheat on Owen then they should really consider going to marriage counseling. Or I need to start drinking car-bombs with Cristina.

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy is brought to you by Jameson Irish Whiskey and alcoholism.

Dr. Stark never returned to Seattle Grace so Alex and Meredith finish Drew’s surgery alone. Luckily, it was a success.

A shirtless McSteamy opens the fridge, takes out the Brita filter and sees sexy Callie slinking towards him. McSteamy offers Callie some water and she says she wants him instead. McSteamy doesn’t seem to understand so Callie flat out asks him to have sex with her. McSteamy says, “Really?” And Callie says, “Really.”

McSteamy pausing for a second, thinking about the thousands of upset AfterEllen.com readers and then takes a deep breathe and pounces on Callie. 

I’m not bothered by the fact that Callie is sleeping with a man. I’m more bothered that she’s sleeping with her good friend. Hopefully this won’t mess up their friendship, and the lack of sexual chemistry between them in this scene gives me hope. 

Cristina is still at Joe’s bar drinking and straddling some random guy. Owen shows up and Cristina says, “Oh my God. It’s my boyfriend!”

Owen replies, “Husband! I’m your husband.” That’s not a good sign.Then Owen throws Cristina over his shoulder like a bath towel and takes her home. 

Back at Seattle Grace Bailey wakes up and is hungover. April is right in her face and now believes that she and Bailey are BFFs. Bailey does not feel the same way and tells April, “This never happened!” Wow, I’ve never seen someone dump an employee before.

Back at McSteamy’s apartment, Callie lies in bed and seems sad. Then she looks around for a time machine or at least for an ice pick to give herself a lobotomy. Seriously, what was she thinking?

Alex and Meredith sit in a conference room waiting for Stark to show up and yell at them for performing a surgery without him. And that’s exactly what he does. 

It’s now 6 am and Meredith is driving the McResidents home from their long day of work.

Cristina is at her firehouse-home, puking in the bathroom while Owen holds her hair back. Meredith tiptoes into the house and crawls into bed with Derek, who immediately gets up as soon as she lies down. Derek is off to work the day shift, and I’m severely disappointed in this episode. Did any of you find this episode to be boring too?

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