“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Slow Night, So Long”

Meredith is tending to Dr. Stark’s young patient Drew. Drew is complaining of abdominal pain and Drew’s mother, who is a nurse, is insistent on calling Dr. Stark back to the hospital to check in on her son.

Back at the bar Teddy walks in does a shot and complains about the crappy date she just went on. Her date asked her what her favorite food was and apparently, that’s a no-no in Teddy’s book. He should have asked her if she wanted 2% milk with her cafeteria lunch special. Then Teddy tells Callie to go to Africa and get back together with Arizona. I completely agree, but Callie says no.

Teddy: Go to Africa! Arizona is an idiot and she’s a fool.  And you need to go there and tell her I told you to say that dating is evil and that what the two of you have is rare and that she’s an idiot. Get on an airplane and go to Africa and thank God that you never have to go on a first date again.
Callie: You know, I’m not going to Africa.
Teddy: Well then you’re just as big of an idiot as she is.

Callie, you have a chance to be with perfect blonde Jessica Capshaw. Swim to Africa if you have to!

Back at the hospital, April is assigned to two teenagers have Super Glued their arms together so they don’t have to be separated when the boy’s family moves to another state. April has to watch these underage lovers make out as she tries to pry their forearms apart.

Dr. Stark has arrived back at the hospital to check in on Drew. Stark pulls Meredith aside and says she shouldn’t have disturbed him because Drew isn’t sick, he just has gas. Dr. Stark leaves the hospital and heads back to his dinner reservation.

Owen has also arrived back at the hospital to work on the two brothers. Owen tries to revived the younger brother while Avery is next door trying to calm the older brother down who is screaming. Sadly, the younger brother dies.

Back at the bar Cristina pours Derek another scotch. Derek asks Cristina if she’s having any fun and gives her a tip for pouring his drink. Cristina and her high ponytail seem to be having a blast!

Once again Drew’s mother is complaining to Meredith about her son’s pain. She begs Meredith to call Dr. Stark again and get him back to the hospital and away from his tiramisu. I’d prefer the molten lava cake, myself. Meredith says she’ll run some tests.

Back at Joe’s Bar, Derek is really bummed out that Cristina is bartending. (Is it really that big of a deal?)  Bailey is getting drunk and rambling. I’d love to party with Bailey, wouldn’t you? 

Callie knows that Teddy and Arizona have been in contact, so she asks Teddy if Arizona has mentioned her at all. Teddy says that Arizona hasn’t mentioned her and Callie starts whining that she doesn’t want to start all over again and date someone new.

McSteamy pipes in with his sleazy advice. He tells her, “You might need a little sexual palate cleanser.” 

Back off McSteamy, Callie’s on my team now! Then McSteamy points out a redhead in that back of the bar who has been eyeing Callie all night. Callie adjusts her bob haircut and decides to “go for it!”

Owen, Lexie and Avery are operating on the remaining brother. The patient’s parents show up and Lexie heads out of the OR to update them on their son’s status.

Alex and Meredith are chowing on pizza in the Attendant’s lounge and April walks in and bust up the party Debbie Downer-style.

April asks Meredith to help her figure out how to detach the young couple in love. Alex says to try acetone and April tells him to go away. Then April asks Meredith what she should do and Meredith suggests acetone as well. April thanks Meredith and snubs Alex on the way out. April should have been Amanda Seyfried’s understudy in Mean Girls.

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