“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: Episode 10 – “Adrift and At Peace”


Derek and Cristina are back on land and Cristina is excited about the 28-pound fish that she caught. Derek tells her that she has to take a picture with the fish to remember this moment. Cristina stands proudly with the flapping fish in her hands but then she starts to cry. She should cry! She just killed a live animal and she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.

Alex tells Callie that she’s going back to work with Dr. Stark in pediatrics. That was the shortest training session ever. Alex was Callie’s protégé for like 12 minutes. But who’s really surprised? We all know that bad-boy Alex has a soft side and loves the kiddies.

The Chief and Teddy meet with the Board and they refuse to give pro bono treatment to Scott Foley. They have done all they can do and they have to send Foley home. Teddy feels really bad and tells Foley how sorry she is that she couldn’t help him. Foley says he understands. But Teddy doesn’t want to give up this fight so she tells Foley that she has great medical insurance. Yeah, so does Ben Affleck. The Screen Actors Guild has terrific medical coverage.

Teddy offers to marry Foley and therefore he’ll be covered under her insurance plan. Wait, what? Teddy, do NOT do this! You don’t even know him. You haven’t even dined with him in the cafeteria.  Foley says no thank you but Teddy says, “Henry you’re dying. And you don’t have to ‘cuz I can help. I mean it I’ll marry you.”

Then Foley agrees. I bet he does. A hot doctor offers to marry you and save your dying ass. Christmas comes early for ex-Mr. Garner.

Lexie shows up at Joe’s Bar to meet McSteamy. Lexie wants him to leave her alone but because McSteamy is McSteamy, he kisses Lexie and Lexie is entranced by his McSteamyness.

Cristina arrives home with her bucket of fish and puts the photo of herself on the fridge. R.I.P. little fishy fish.

Meredith and Derek lie in bed and of course Meredith wants to talk about Cristina. Meredith, “Do you think Cristina is going to be ok?”

Translation, “Do you think Cristina loves me the way I love her? Why are you spooning me? I’m gay!”

Callie is at McSteamy’s apartment drinking a glass of wine and there is a knock at the door. Callie thinks McSteamy forgot his key and when she opens the front door she sees Arizona.

Arizona: OK, so picture this: I’m in Africa and everything is great.
And the people are so nice and the clinic is amazing and I’m doing work that actual feels important. Like I can actually see that I’m making a difference but I’m crying like constantly and this guy that I work with in the clinic finally asks me what’s wrong and I say that I miss my girlfriend. Like I really miss her. So then he asks if I want to go back and he says he can replace me and I open my mouth to say “no” and what comes out, weirdly, instead is “yes.” And so they did and then I came back. You look really pretty.

Callie pauses, looks at Arizona’s beautiful teary face and closes the door locking Arizona outside in the hallway.

Arizona you’ll catch cold standing in that hallway, come over to my place and I’ll make you nice cup of hot chocolate and give you a topless back rub.

Who can’t wait for the next episode? ME!






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