“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: Episode 10 – “Adrift and At Peace”


Back on the boat, Cristina wants Derek to quiz her on all the fishing equipment. She’s memorized it all as if it were medical equipment. Derek refuses to play along and asks her to be quiet since the fish are being scared away by her yapping. But Cristina can’t stop talking and giving her opinion on how to fish more efficiently.

Back on land, Teddy asks the Chief to do the ex-Mr. Garner’s medical treatment pro bono. The Chief says he’ll speak to the Board.

A competitive Lexie tries to force a male nurse to reinsert a tube into her patient’s adrenal gland in the hopes that she’ll win the competition and get to pull a gallbladder out of someone’s mouth. The male nurse tells her no. The nurse tells Lexie that he’s been at Seattle Grace for 12 years and she’s just a resident. Oh snap! The once again brunette Lexie isn’t going to take no for an answer so she enlists McSteamy to help her. McSteamy says he’ll talk to the nurse if Lexie agrees to have a drink with him. At first Lexie says no but guess what? They set a drink date for Joe’s bar later that night.

McSteamy talks to the nurse, the nurse still won’t re-insert the tube into the adrenal gland. But since McSteamy fulfilled his end of the bargain, the date is still on. Make sure you shave your legs Lexie; I have a feeling McSteamy wants more than a drink. Good thing the male nurse didn’t listen to you because by taking his advice her patient is healed and she wins the competition!

Owen asks Meredith to operate but then decides she must stop abruptly. Meredith ignores him and kicks working on the patient, so Owen kicks Meredith out if his OR for disobeying his orders. Meredith storms off and calls Derek and demands to speak to Cristina. Derek pretends he’s talking to April and hangs up on Meredith. Cristina knows Derek was on the phone with Meredith and, suddenly, Cristina’s line starts to spin. Cristina is screaming with excitement and Derek helps her catch her very first fish.

Callie and Alex are working on a hip replacement surgery and Callie offers to train Alex to be her protégé. Alex agrees. 

Meredith walks back into the OR asks to speak to Owen. Owen asks everyone who is cleaning up to leave. Yes, leave all the blood and guts on the floor so it dries up and gets crusty. Hey Meredith why don’t you and Owen go outside to talk so the rest of the staff can do their jobs?  And why does this upset me?

Owen and Meredith start fighting, again.

Owen says Meredith is reckless with her patients and reckless with Cristina and he doesn’t want Meredith to be around Cristina while she’s trying to heal herself. Meredith says it’s Owen’s fault that Cristina has fallen apart because he married her, which allowed her to hide behind their relationship rather than deal with her fears. These two just need to arm wrestle and the winner gets Cristina.

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