“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: Episode 10 – “Adrift and At Peace”

Teddy climbs in the elevator with Meredith and Owen and finds out that Cristina is fishing, to which Teddy responds, “Why?”

Yes, Cristina, why are you fishing? Why do you hate fish and want to kill them? 

Meredith and Owen exit and Teddy is left in the elevator with a wheelchair-bound Scott Foley from Felicity aka the ex-Mr. Jennifer Garner. Foley is going to propose to his girlfriend but most likely she’ll leave him for Ben Affleck.

Alex asks to work with Callie or McSteamy’s because Arizona’s replacement, Dr. Stark, hates him. Then Callie and Alex make fun of Arizona and say she’s going to make the children of Malawi fall in love with her then leave them and run off to another country.

McSteamy sees Lexie and tells her he misses her. Lexie blows him off but I have a feeling this is just part of their cat and mouse chase. Watch, by the end of this episode they will be playing tonsil hockey.

Owen and Meredith are working together on a couple named Jason and Trina who fell 100 feet into a ravine. Jason and Trina were on their honeymoon and were taking a photo together and fell. This is why you shouldn’t hike or do anything strenuous. You run less risk of injuring yourself if you’re sitting in a lounge chair eating ice cream.

Trina is fine, with only a lacerated ear, but her husband, who broke her fall, has massive internal bleeding. Meredith and Owen work frantically on Jason while Cristina and Derek fish at the lake. Yep, fishing. Real exciting. What’s that in the water? Oh nothing, just more water.

Teddy runs into the ex-Mr. Garner again and guess what? His girlfriend turned down his proposal. Foley 0, Affleck 2! It turns out that Foley was only proposing to his lady-friend to acquire her insurance plan because he needs the medical coverage. Aw, how romantic! Teddy decides to find a way to help Foley because well, that’s the plot Shonda Rhimes gave her this week. 

Owen and Meredith are fighting for Jason’s life and Owen can’t figure out what to do next. Owen says that Jason’s injury is fatal and it looks like he has given up. Meredith says they have to find a way to save him. Meredith keeps harassing Owen for a plan of action. Owen finally has an idea and starts working on Jason again. Owen then scolds Meredith for talking to him that way in the OR. Whatever Owen! Meredith totally just saved your patient’s life while you were going to let him bleed to death. Owen and April should take a one-way rocket ship to the moon.

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