“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Can’t Fight Biology”

While chopping into Jake’s leg (I had to turn away from some of this scene several times) Arizona admits that she doesn’t like Mark. Callie says that Arizona hasn’t even tried to like Mark and she should at least make an effort.

Arizona brings up an important point; “Mark stares at my boobs when we talk. He stares at my face but then somewhere along the way he gets distracted and ends up on my boobs. And I love them, I love them.”

Many of us do.

She continues, “But I have tried my whole life to avoid the boob staring guy. Biology even helped me by making me gay.  But now my girlfriend’s best friend is THAT guy. And I don’t think I need to apologize for the fact that the only person I want staring at my boobs is you.” No apology needed for me!

Callie: Boobs? Boobs, really? You’re making this about boobs?
Arizona: He stares at them!
Callie: Cuz they’re good boobs.


Alex: Can I leave now?

Alex exits, and I rewind that scene and watch it again.

Thankfully, all the patients in the laundromat accident are on the road to recovery. Lexi tells Mrs. Fisher that she’ll talk to the police for her and Mrs. Fisher reveals she lied to them about what happened during the accident. Mrs. Fisher’s husband left her for another woman, and while driving to the bank she saw his car outside a laundromat. Mrs. Fisher turned into the parking lot and saw him inside doing his mistress’s laundry and she got so upset that she intentionally rammed her car into the laundromat. Mrs. Fisher thinks her confession is protected by the doctor-patient confidentiality. But Lexi tells her that doctor-patient confidentiality only applies to medicine. 

A shirtless Avery is chillin with his 8-pack abs in the locker room and Teddy walks in on him. Avery makes no effort to hide his chiseled body so Teddy scolds him for flirting with her. Avery, if you really want to impress Teddy just take her on a date to the cafeteria.

Cristina tries to save WormMan’s worms and Meredith walks in and asks her to take her blood to find out if she has the Alzheimer’s gene. Cristina takes Meredith’s blood and I wince. Meredith checks in on Ms. Huntington and gives her medication for her shaky hands. Ms. Huntington is still going to go on her vacation and I hope she does in fact use condoms.

Bailey instructs WormMan to end his research. Cristina gives him a clear jar of all his dead worms and apologizes that they couldn’t be saved. He cries and says he’s going to continue his research no matter what. Cristina asks why would he want to put himself through all this pain again. WormMan replies, “Because I love what I do. More than anything.”

Come on Cristina, pick up on the subtext. You have to go back to being an awesome surgeon. Seattle Grace needs you!  I need you! Wait, I’ve said too much.

Alex tells Arizona that Mark isn’t a bad guy. Then Alex tells Arizona that she does have hot boobs (duh!) and he stares at them too. The Seattle Grace staff needs to have a mandatory sexual harassment class.

Mrs. Fisher talks to the police while April and Lexi look on. Meredith walks up, and Lexi tells Meredith that she’s jealous of her relationship with April. Meredith tells her that the only reason April knew about her doctor’s appointment is because April was there when she had her miscarriage. Lexi feels alone and crazy.

Meredith tells her, “You’re not crazy Lexi. You’re a Grey.”

Callie and Mark go to exit the hospital and Arizona shouts out that there has been a change of plans. Arizona wants to have a private dinner with Mark to get to know him better. Mark says, “Fine, but you’re buying.” What a class act!

Arizona kisses Callie on the cheek and Callie thanks Arizona for making an effort. Arizona walks off with Mark and immediately scolds him for checking out her boobs.

Derek comes home and crawls into bed with Meredith. Meredith tells him that she’s getting tested for Alzheimer’s disease. His response to this news is; Screw the odds! Screw the science! No more doctors’ appointments. Let’s just have a lot of sex! (The McDreamys are into strange foreplay.)

Owen returns to the dilapidated fire station to find Cristina popping champagne. Cristina announces that she bought the fire station for Owen and that this is going to be their new home.

Cristina says, “I don’t care where we live. I really don’t, but you do. You love this place. And I love you.” Owen shakes him head and kisses Cristina. And my icy heart melts. Am I beginning to like the Crowen family? 

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