“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Can’t Fight Biology”


Jake the dancer finds out that the chemo didn’t work and the doctor’s have to cut off his leg to keep the cancer from spreading. Jake, who is understandably upset over this news, begs for his leg. Jake asks Alex if he can show him how important his leg is to him by dancing. What??? So Alex, Callie, Arizona, and Jake’s parents all go to an empty room in the hospital and watch Jake work his Mia Michaels magic by performing a contemporary dance routine. When Jake finishes dancing he turns to the doctors and asks them to build him a leg to let him dance the way he just danced. The whole time Jake was dancing I kept thinking “There are other patients in this hospital that need attention right now!” At the same time, if I had to get my leg cut off I would dance my ass off to keep it too.

April, Meredith and Cristina are eating lunch in the hallway and talking about Meredith’s hostile uterus. Lexi joins them but the girls laugh at her and treat her like Lindsay Lohan‘s character in Mean Girls.

Avery and Alex join them, and Alex makes fun of Avery for being a brainless hottie. But Avery insists that he has the situation under control. Alex asks for suggestions on how to save Jake’s leg. April pipes in with an idea and Alex thanks her and runs off.

Owen pages Cristina to the operating room. Owen is in the middle of surgery and he tells Cristina that he might have found a house for them and it’s located close to Meredith’s house. (Aww, It’s really sweet that Owen is trying to find a place that will make his wife happy.)

Cristina says, “You paged me to talk real estate?” She exits and heads back to check on WormMan.

While Callie, Arizona and Alex are trying to figure out a cure for their dancing patient Callie asks Arizona point blank, “You don’t like Mark, admit it!”

Arizona: I like Mark.
Callie: Liar!

While Callie and Arizona bicker about their three’s-a-crowd relationship with Mark, Alex finds a possible cure for Jake’s cancer, which would enable Jake to keep his leg.   

Back in the clinic, WormMan isn’t getting any better and Cristina decides that Bailey needs to operate on him immediately.  WormMan pleads that if they have to do surgery at least save the worms that are inside of him. He tells Cristina that finding the cure for asthma is his life’s purpose.

Ms. Huntington attempts to fill out forms and sign off on her surgery but her hand starts to spasm. Meredith asks if she’s told her primary doctor about her worsening condition, which she hasn’t. Ms. Huntington tells Meredith that she watched her own mother die from Huntington’s and she knows how the disease progresses. Meredith then goes to see the Chief to ask him questions about her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. Meredith fears that she might have the gene for Alzheimer too.

WormMan is ready for surgery. Bailey asks Cristina if she would like to scrub in or observe the surgery. Cristina thanks her but says she’s still not ready yet. Take your time Cristina. And if you need a hug, call me!

Jake’s procedure has only been done a few times in the world (the Seattle Grace doctors love performing experimental surgeries). Callie and Arizona would need to remove the bone from Jake’s leg, use radiation on the bone to kill the cancer and then re-insert the bone in hopes that the cancer won’t return. Jake agrees to the surgery and I question if that surgery could really happen, in real life.

Mrs. Fisher is too scared to talk to the cops for fear that she’ll be arrested for driving through the laundromat. Lexi comes to her defense and says Mrs. Fisher might have passed out right before the accident and therefore the accident wasn’t really her fault. Lexi needs to do a Tilt Test to be sure. Lexi exits and April follows her out and says she’s not authorized to do that test. Lexi, these tests are expensive. Tilt Tests don’t grow on trees!

While Teddy and Meredith operate on Ms. Huntington, they discuss how they would live the last days of their lives. Can’t the patients still hear what’s happening while their being operated on? Stop talking about death and play some Lady Gaga while you work. On second thought, put on Sia!

During the surgery Avery stares into Teddy’s eyes and asks if he can do the diaphragm repair. Teddy pauses, looks confused and then says, no, he can’t.

There are complications during WormMan’s surgery and Bailey has to act fast and suction all the worms out. Cristina races into the operating room and says that killing the worms will ruin WormMan precious research. Bailey is more concerned with her patient’s life than his work.

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