“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Can’t Fight Biology”

Teddy is walking down the hallway and Arizona pops up out of nowhere. Arizona tells Teddy that she needs to start sleeping with Mark again. Teddy’s response is, “I do?” That’s an odd response. A normal response would be “No!” or “No, thank you!” or “Arizona you’re not my pimp so you don’t get to tell me who I sleep with!”

Arizona needs Teddy to distract Mark so he leaves her and Callie alone. Arizona says, “It’s like I’m dating Mark against my will.”  Teddy is too tired to have sex with anyone since she’s been working longer and harder at the hospital dealing with her inefficient intern Avery.

Arizona: At least he’s nice to look at.
Teddy: True.

Avery and Alex have been standing behind them the whole time and heard everything they said. Alex says to Avery, “You just got called a dumb blonde.” Oh, snap!

April and Lexi have been paired up to work together on Mrs. Ruth Fisher from Six Feet Under. Mrs. Fisher drove her car through the laundromat and injured multiple people.

Meredith’s patient, who was hit by the out of control car, says to Meredith in another language, “Do you have a condom?” Meredith doesn’t have one on her. The patient reveals that she has the fatal Huntington’s disease. She wants to spend her remaining days traveling and having sex with strangers. You go girl!

Callie, Arizona and Alex’s patient is a male dancer named Jake and he has cancer. Jake’s parents are very supportive of his career and want him to get back on his feet for an upcoming production of Swan Lake. Should someone tell Jake that Natalie Portman already got the role?

In the clinic, Bailey and Cristina’s patient is vomiting up live worms. The worms are a part of his research and he claims they are the cure for asthma. I have asthma! If a clear warm helps me breathe better, then bring it on!

WormMan ingested the insects 343 days earlier and he’s been asthma free for six months. Bailey tells him that the worms have caused a massive bowel obstruction and he needs to have surgery. The man pleads to let the worms stay in his body because the surgery will ruin his three years of research.

Cristina tells Bailey that she thinks their patient is crazy. WormMan isn’t the one who married Owen out of fear of being alone. Bailey replies, “Am I crazy to trust you to take care of my patient?” Being scolded by Bailey is like being scolded by a parent. Now go to your room!

Mark makes a dinner reservation for three, assuming Callie and Arizona will join him. Arizona claims she doesn’t eat sushi (obviously, that’s not true) to get out of dinner. She instead tells Mark and Callie go have dinner without her. (To all you who enjoy the Mark and Callie friendship, I’ve decided to try and be supportive of their bromance, even though I still think it’s weird. Sincerely, Bridget.)

Teddy, Meredith and Avery are working with Ms. Huntington’s disease. Teddy informs her that she has a ruptured diaphragm and she needs to have surgery. Teddy asks Avery how she should operate and Avery says something about using mesh. That’s incorrect! Come on Avery even I knew that one. Then it’s Meredith’s turn. She offers up a different approach, which Teddy concurs with and therefore Meredith gets to scrub in on the surgery. Ms. Huntington asks if Avery can still hang out with her and be her eye candy.

Teddy exits and Avery chases her down the hallway. With his baby blue eyes fluttering, he tells her that he knows he’s been off his game and begs her to let him scrub in and participate in the surgery. Teddy’s knees knock and she says yes to his request.

April and Lexi are paired together to work with Mrs. Fisher. They disagree on Mrs. Fisher’s condition and Lexi snaps at April and says, "Well, you do outrank me so just do what you want to do." April suggests starting a chore wheel at Meredith’s house to make sure all the roommates are pitching in and cleaning up. Lexi asks April if she is planning on officially moving into Meredith’s place. Meredith comes over and April asks her about her chore wheel and how her morning doctor’s appointment went. Meredith loves the chore wheel idea and says the appointment went fine. Lexi feels out of the loop and asks Meredith to tell her about her appointment and Meredith blows her off.
Lexi is jealous that Meredith is being more sisterly to April than to her. 

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