“Grey’s Anatomy” Deluxe Recap: Season 6 Finale


Still alone with no help in sight, Bailey and her patient try desperately to get Charles to the OR floor. Only after dragging someone twice her size across the entire floor, does Bailey find out the elevators have been shut off. Charles isn’t going to make it. So, Bailey does something she never does. She loses it.

Charles knows the answer but asks anyway, "I’m dying, right?" Bailey and her patient sit with him and hold his hand. "You are not alone. You hear me? You are not alone."

Seems no one’s alone. Owen finds Meredith and April on the floor in the scrub room, and Avery, Cristina and Derek in the OR. Owen also sees what Meredith and April can’t: Gary has a gun to Cristina’s head. Her voice quivers at the sight of him, "Ohh-wennn…"

Gary screams at Cristina, "Do you want me to shoot you? Stop fixing him!" Cristina doesn’t stop. Avery doesn’t stop. The old surgical nurse that looks like my grandmother doesn’t stop. If you’re wondering why Gary didn’t just kill Derek when he first had him at the end of his gun barrel, or why he doesn’t just shoot him now, you can forget it. When a person snaps, and they have so many bullets, they’re falling out of his pants, logic and reason left the building a long time ago.

Owen says angrily, "Hey! That is the woman that I love. You shoot her, you touch her, and I will kill you!" With that PTSD rage, I have no doubt he would. With those forearms like hams, I have no doubt he could.

And just when you think it can’t get any crazier in there, Meredith bursts in and says, "Shoot me." Sure, come on in. Now it’s a party! She tells Gary if he wants an eye for an eye, he should kill Derek’s wife, Lexie’s sister and Webber’s almost-daughter. Cristina blurts out she’s pregnant. Gary shoots Owen just because it’s been a while. Cristina screams. Avery puts his hands up. Cristina puts up her hands. It’s over.

Avery tells Gary to just wait and watch the monitor. In a few seconds, the machine flat lines, sending Meredith to her knees, in a full-blown wail. McDreamy dreams no more. Omg, I need a drink.

Mission accomplished, Gary doesn’t know what to do with himself. Hey I know. Why don’t you go kill the person who printed your wife’s DNR order? Or the person who sold the pen she used to sign it? Or maybe just kill the descendents of the person who invented paper. You’ll have to go to China to do it, but so what?

As soon as Chuckles leaves the OR, Avery reconnects the wires to Derek’s monitor. It starts beeping again. Cristina resumes operating while Meredith looks up, confused. Gary fell for the oldest trick in the book: The Pull the Leads and Surrender While a Crazy Person Waves a Gun Around trick. Nicely played. Cristina looks at Owen, who’s still on the floor, and tells Meredith to save her guy, while she saves hers.

Charles doesn’t have that kind of get-saved luck. Close to death on another floor, he asks Bailey to tell Reed he loved her very much. In five minutes, you can tell her yourself, buddy. "I know you don’t like me. But you were always my favorite doctor," he says to Bailey, "I thought you should know." He’s gone. And that is how the Neanderthals died out.

In the other OR, Meredith works on Owen. It’s not fatal. April sees blood running down Meredith’s thigh. She’s having a miscarriage, right then and there, but doesn’t stop working on Cristina’s guy. OK, that’s gross. But it’s so hardcore, even her mother would be impressed.

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