“Grey’s Anatomy” Deluxe Recap: Season 6 Finale

Meanwhile, here’s something you’ll never see again: April with her arm latched onto Cristina. Any other day, she’d lose that arm.

Cristina, Meredith and April have managed to get Derek to the OR floor, where they find Avery and the nurses. He tells them Owen and Teddy have left for post-op. Nobody here but us chickens.

Doesn’t anyone follow directions in that place? Avery tells April to get the nurses and gas man from his OR and bring them to Derek’s room. April asks, "Who’s going to operate on Dr. Shepherd?"

Avery looks at Cristina with his hypnotic Husky peepers. Cristina knows what it all means. She says, "I am."

Meredith’s husband’s life depends on her best friend’s skill. It doesn’t get more twisted than that.

Cristina: You can’t be in there. I can’t do this if you’re in there, staring at me with big, sad “don’t kill McDreamy” eyes.
April: We’re ready for you.
Cristina: April, Meredith is going to sit here, on the floor. I want you to stay with her. If she tries to enter my OR, or even if she looks like she’s going to get up to take a peek, I want you to stop her. I don’t care how, you stop her.
Meredith: He is my husband.
Cristina: Do you want me to kill him? Please, Meredith. I am begging you. Sit down and wait.

On the bright side, maybe April will tell Meredith a story about Hog Days, her hometown’s summer festival.

Things are finally moving along on other floors in the building. Alex is so far gone, he calls Lexie "Izzie" and makes her promise she’ll never leave him again. She plays along, pretending to be Izzie, even though it’s killing her. Just then, the SWAT team arrives and tells them they can move out. Move out, sure. Move on? Never!

Owen and Teddy have not only managed to get their patient out of the OR, they’ve wheeled him all the way outside. Who needs post-op when there’s the parking lot? A cop tells them there are still doctors inside. Teddy can see that Owen is chomping at the bit to get to Cristina.

Teddy tells him, "Go. Go. It’s OK to choose." When did Teddy become Duckie?

In the OR scrub room, Meredith has had it with April’s tears.

Meredith: It took me a long time to find him. A long time. And even then, it took me a long time to even know that I wanted him, to be married, to be his wife, to have his kids. And now that I realize that, he’s lying on a table in there, and my best friend’s hands are inside his chest. You don’t get to cry about that.

April: Reed was my best friend. She died today.

OK, so. Not always about you. Got it.

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