“Grey’s Anatomy” Deluxe Recap: Season 6 Finale


Meanwhile, Meredith must get to Derek, danger be damned, and pushes Cristina aside with mama bear strength. Teddy and Owen creep through the hallway with their patient – no really, take your time – and discuss Owen’s Sophie’s Choice. He tells Teddy he’s decided to choose C) none of the above. That might be the smartest thing Owen’s ever done. That and call 911.

In fact, everyone is suddenly on their cells. Somehow, the command station is picking up the phones like short wave radio chatter. Richard listens in with the commander, as bits and pieces of distress calls squawk from the speaker. "Dr. Miranda Bailey. I’m on five"… "there are two dead security guards"… "six-one, mustache"… "Karev"… "he shot Dr. Derek Shepherd right in front of us."

Meredith hovers over Derek, frantically begging, "Do. Not. Die. I can’t live without you. If you die, I die." Cristina loses her cool for a moment and mutters, "Wha, wha, what do we do? What do we do?" She realizes no one is coming in time. Yang gets her act together and runs off to find a wheelchair; they’ll take Derek to surgery themselves.

Cristina finds April slumped in a corner. She tells Cristina that she learned how to talk her way out of being murdered by watching Oprah. Once again, Oprah saves lives. Obviously, Oprah is God. Cristina tells April to snap out of it and get with the program.

Lexie is the next person to run into Gary. In case you’re wondering, the cops are busy looking for their asses using both hands and a mirror. Stand by for updates on that, as they develop.

Gary tells Lexie he didn’t mean to shoot all those people. He only came to kill Derek, Webber and who else? Oh yeah. You. "You pulled the plug that killed my Allison," he says as he raises his gun at Lexie’s head.

Instead of making a run for it, and hoping he’s a lousy shot, Lexie closes her eyes and prepares to die.

A shot rings out. Lexie tumbles backwards. Goodbye, Lexie Grey. Goodbye.

Kidding. She’s fine. The bullet came from a SWAT member. Gary is on the floor, with a hole in his chest. Now would be a great time to move in and disarm the suspect — or so one would think. The cop motions to Lexie to run away.

The SWAT guy gives Gary time to get up and wander off. Why would we want to rush the suspect as he lays there, injured? Or call in his position? Or shoot to kill? Are real law enforcement people everywhere slapping their foreheads and yelling at their TV’s "That would never happen!" Forget it — we tried that with The L Word. It doesn’t work.

After Lexie gets away, she returns to Alex, who’s still on the conference room table. Tearfully, she tells him she loves him, as Mark looks on, crestfallen. Crisis has a way of bringing out the true nature in people. That would explain good Samaritans. But intense situations also bring out intense feelings that are sometimes false. That explains most reality shows.

Arizona and Callie are working on Ruby when Gary shows up, bleeding. Really? Is there any place in the hospital this guy hasn’t managed to visit undetected? How about dermatology? I hear they have a nice waiting room.

Arizona freezes, shielding Ruby with her body. "There are only children here," she says loudly, and then, again and again, softly. Callie bravely but slowly puts herself between Gary and Arizona, and offers him some bandages. He thanks her and backs away. Ruby cries for her mommy.

Callie tells her Arizona is smiling her super duper smile and making it all better. This seems to calm the kid, even though Arizona is crying on the inside. Callie smiles her super duper smile, and holds Arizona’s face for good measure.

What’s sexier than saving the day? Nothing, that’s what. Can you say, "reconciliation"?

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