“Grey’s Anatomy” Deluxe Recap: Season 6 Finale


Gary Clark, the scowling, angry widower who unsuccessfully sued Derek and the hospital over his wife’s death, is wandering around aimlessly, asking for Derek. Everyone is too busy to give him directions. He finds his way into supply room, where he asks Reed how to locate the Chief. She tells him impatiently that it’s not her turn to watch Derek.

Gary: Can you tell me where his office is? I’m kind of turned around here.
Reed: Sir, you know, I have a patient having seizures in there. Go find a nurse and ask them.
Gary: Ma’am?
Reed: Look, you’re not even supposed to be back here. I’m not a tour guide, I’m a surgeon.

Gary calmly pulls out a gun and shoots Reed in the head.

Day-um. I never liked her, but still.

Alex walks in and sees Reed on the floor. "Dude, what the…" is all he can utter before Gary squeezes off another round, hitting Alex in the side of his chest. Alex hits the floor, where he joins Reed. And my jaw. Holy crap!

Alex drags himself into an elevator. The doors close and the car begins to move. Fifth floor: Lingerie, house wares, women’s shoes, chest tubes.

Unaware of the approaching s—storm, Meredith bounces into Derek’s office and grinning ear to ear, tells him she has some news for later. Derek, who’s barely visible from behind a mountain of paperwork, listens with envy as his wife brags about pulling a rebar from a patient’s skull. Somehow, I don’t recall Chief Webber ever doing paperwork. Either he was the model of efficiency, or that stuff was going straight into the dumpster.

"I would love to have something jammed in my brain," Derek says, "That way, I’d see the inside of an OR." File that under "B" for Be Careful What You Wish For.

April enters the supply room and trips over Reed’s lifeless body. Suddenly covered in blood, she looks around and slowly realizes something is horribly, horribly wrong with her elfin friend. April’s first clue? That third eye in the middle of Reed’s head.

Shaking and white as a sheet, April goes straight to Derek’s office and starts babbling about growing up on a farm, pigs, pints of blood, and how Reed is so small. You wouldn’t think there would be so much blood… Derek just keeps staring at her, waiting to see where she’s going with this. She’s covered in blood and clearly in shock, and yet, he just lets the gibberish flow. Why? Because he’s used to babbling. Mister, you’ve been with Meredith too long.

Finally, Derek grabs her face and asks what’s wrong. April holds her breath and says, "Reed’s dead. Someone shot her!"

Derek can hardly believe his ears. You grew up on a farm?

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