Great LezBritain: The lesbian housemates of “Big Brother UK”


Nichola Holt from Bolton and Sada Wilkington from Edinburgh were only in the house together for one week before Sada was evicted – probably for continuously demanding tofu on the shopping budget. When they left the house, they entered into a relationship with each other. No one seemed to batter an eyelid at this happening or indeed care how this love affair ended, but it is known that Nichola is now an adult film actress and Sada doesn’t appear to have been seen since around 2006.

Series 3

Adele Roberts spent her time in the house mooning around after bodybuilder Lee then male model Alex, despite the fact that she had a girlfriend on the outside. She is now a DJ on Galaxy FM and her current hair cut suggests that she may now be more committed to her sexuality.

Series 5

Kitten Pinter entered the house as a self-proclaimed anarchist. She then eschewed the opportunity to represent the intelligence of the Riot Grrrl movement she apparently believed in and instead spent the week spouting bumper sticker politics and sticking two fingers up to the cameras she had willingly allowed to follow her. Her last act of defiance was refusing to leave the house when she was evicted. Initially supportive of her stance, the housemates soon kicked her out the door the minute Big Brother threatened to reduce their prize money, showing another example of the power of capitalism.

Nadia Almada the transsexual winner of Big Brother in 2004 deserves special mention here for being fabulous enough to wear high heels in the shower. Whatever ignorant thoughts that many sections of the media and the public might have felt towards Nadia initially were chased away by the fact that she sashayed into their living rooms every night for three months and entertained them harder than an episode of Eastenders ever could When Nadia left the house sprouting tears and snot into an adoring audience, it was genuinely one of the most moving moments in the show’s history.

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