Great LezBritain: Our Picks for the Pink List


Zoe Lyons – For us, Zoe is consistently the funniest stand-up comedian in the UK. A multi-award winner and nominee, she has also been popping up (not quite consistently enough for our liking) on various TV shows like Mock The Week and The Wright Stuff this year. Her show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe was once again packed every night with lesbians, straight couples, grannies, teenagers, Radio 4 listeners, Sun readers – you know, people who just like to laugh at funny jokes.

If you haven’t seen her before, then catch her on the Stand Out comedy tour at various dates across the UK with fellow out comedians Jen Brister and Suzi Ruffell – who will both, no doubt, be future Pink List alumni, too.

Harriet Braun – You may have cast your eye over a show that Harriet wrote and produced last year named Lip Service? Yes, without Harriet, there would have been no DS Murray, no Tess, no Frankie, no shavegate, corpsegate and simply no modern lesbian drama on the BBC. Before Lip Service, Harriet wrote the hugely successful Mistresses, which also featured a little Sapphic loving, and the less successful, but completely brilliant Attachments.

Harriet wasn’t on the Pink List last year, but after the massive success of Lip Service and the palpable excitement surrounding its return in 2012, it’s as safe to say she’ll be tickling this year’s list as it is to say that Frankie will have sex with someone in the second season.

Sue Perkins – Sue needs no real introduction. We’ve all loved her since Light Lunch, we still had a healthy appetite for her during Late Lunch, we remained at the table for The Supersizers and The Good Life and now we’re positively ravenous for her on the Great British Bake Off. Whatever delights she offers us next year, we’ll be there. As one of the most famous feeders/lesbians in the country, she’s sure to be near the top of this year’s list.

Jessie J – A couple of months ago, the 24-year-old multi-award winning, million selling pop star was on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show. In response to a question about her bisexuality and dealing with any name-calling, Jessie J retorted that it bothered her not, she had to be honest about her life and anyway, “I prefer to call myself a bush-masher.” Her performance on the show made her the top trend on Twitter for most of the night, and while there were a few “I didn’t know Jessie was gay/bi” messages, there was a distinct lack of care about the status of her sexuality at all.

People often criticise the Pink List for being too celeby – and, of course, there are so many incredible unsung heroes who make all of our lives much easier without the general public ever knowing their names – but the importance of the existence of an artist like Jessie J for a younger generation of gay people cannot be underrepresented. We might have come out at 15 if there had been a pop star like her around. As it was, we were pretending to fancy Gary Barlow. Ironically, we now sort of do have a man crush on Gary Barlow, until we get a hold of ourselves and take a proper look at his man hair and his Tory campaigning.

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